S is for… SHIFT

April 22, 2014 - Leave a Response


S is for SHIFT
As in slight color shifts
from eyes to scanners,
computer screens
or printed out again.
To quote or misquote Moody Blues:
“But we decide which is right and which is an illusion.”

Color shift is a problem when someone asks for art with the intention of having it printed. My scanner is an HP that scanned art fine until I upgraded my computer to an HP with Windows 8. The print drivers for my old (not THAT old, couple years) printer to work with Windows 8 over simplified my options to adjust the settings. Now it sucks rotten grapes when it comes to scanning colored pencil drawings, totally ignores some yellows and blues, and generally skims the surface. My drawings are usually made by layering color upon color creating an optical illusion of blending with wax-free colored pencils. It does not scan as “deep” as I want it to. But which is real, and which is an illusion?

Alas, I cannot give the person who requested art an electronic file although I created one to show the danger of color shifting. Monitors, and most photo software for computers, use RGB colors and commercial printing presses use CYMK. All I can do is suggest taking it somewhere to have it scanned right so it can be used as desired. Sigh.

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Photo is a cell phone snap of original art laid over printed image of the same drawing.

R is for… RED

April 21, 2014 - Leave a Response


R is for RED or REDS
As there is not just one.
Though some hint of brown or purple
And Scarlet Red looks orange to me.
Oh for the days of simplicity,
Eight crayons lined up in a box,
And red was red, just red
Bright, bold, primary red.

I had full intentions of drawing today,
Something red or reds.

I’m slacking off, getting lost.


BeesATC is participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.


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