Here is a one-post peek of all art posted in the month of September.  If you click on one, you can scroll thru a slide show… Thanks for viewing my art! ~ Nancy

UPDATED October 24, 2011 to add title and brief description to each photo (click on photo to zoom up and see). I also deleted the original posts to reduce the electronic footprint of this blog. That leaves ONE post (just the gallery) in the archives for each month. I think it will make it easier to view old art in years to come. ~ Thanks, N.


9 Responses

  1. What a treat to have all these pictures in a digest in my inbox. Thanks, Nancy.

    • Thank you Sharyn! These monthly gallery summaries are a new feature to this blog so I really appreciate the feedback. ~ Nancy

  2. Cool, it is fun looking back on the month like that! Like revisiting a journey.

  3. I tried to post a comment already, not sure if it went through. I have enjoyed going throught the month with you again. That is something I need to figure out how to do, is make a gallery. I may need to go with a different theme to work it out.

    • Oh, you must be the “Anonymous” who posted just before you (and got auto-snagged). I’m glad you enjoyed the journey! I like to see them all together in one post, kind of like an analysis thing… sometimes I can see things on the screen that elude me when viewing the actual art.

      Creating a gallery is easier than I thought it would be… with this template, gallery is a post option on the sidebar so I click that, then the add photos button, where I select all the photos to go in it, click save, then select gallery display options, things like sort order and how many across, then insert and wha-la. It shows a big blue rectangle so preview post to see if you like it… if you try it and have problems, just hollar… but I think you’ll do fine. ~ Nancy

  4. What a great idea! It’s a lot easier for new followers (like me) to see what you’ve done without having to scroll through the posts (I will, eventually). I enjoyed it, thanks.


    • Thank you Lorrie. I created back-dated galleries for all previous months so the first post of every month in the archives is the gallery for that month. Thanks for following, too! ~ Nancy

  5. Backdated galleries are awesome. I may have to change themes and do this eventually.

    • Thank you Sharyn. The ability to backdate was a nice surprise. I’m glad I did it now instead of three years from now, much easier to catch up. 😀


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