Blue Eye Moon

Here it is, November already and I am slow as molasses. Today’s art was drawn with a mix of colored pencils, Polychromos and Prismacolors, and a little black ink on a Strathmore paper so I could let the pencils play with the texture of the paper, but not everywhere.

I’ll have the gallery up for October soon… just haven’t got around to it yet, too much going on around here.

Sometimes, I wish this was a weekly blog instead of a daily… it has definitely meet the purpose of establishing a habit of drawing every day. I’m just thinking that I drive people nuts by posting every day. I don’t know… 2012 is coming. I could continue to draw daily but post once a week – no daily, just a weekly gallery post instead of a monthly gallery post in 2012.

I know… January is a long way off, but I’m thinking it is a good idea. I’m curious to see if I continue drawing daily without the “need” to post daily. What do you think, dear blog readers… would you mind terribly if I switched to posting weekly in 2012?


9 Responses

  1. I like seeing a daily drawing, but I could also like seeing a weekly digest. You should do what you want and find convenient.

    • Where I want to go, artistically, is to have my daily practice in ATC size as a “warm up” before working on something else, a larger project that may take days or weeks to complete. Right now, I’m not doing that. It is like a gear switch occurs, flips from making art into the mindset of trying to get a good image of the art for the blog, sometimes watching the clock as if it is ticking down a deadline instead of staying in the creative vibe. I’m thinking that with a weekly, I could plan one day a week as an image day. Of course, if I could get ahead a few days, I could do that with a daily.

  2. I believe in doing what you want….I’m not sure if I am sticking to posting daily in 2012 or not, but I do think it’s become a good habit for me and I worry if I do anything less, that I will regress into not posting but once in a blue moon again…no pun intended here!
    I COULD just write everyday but post once a week BUT I hate writing with a pen….I don’t know….
    I feel like someone’s watching me! LOL

    • Oh I love a good inkpen on nice paper, but it has to be a solitary thing… or I feel like someone is watching, too. Maybe because I am very good at reading upside down and can’t help myself, curiosity gets the best of me when it comes to the written word.

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  4. Whenever I feel like I *have* to create, I end up blocking myself and not creating anything at all. You need to work on whatever schedule makes the creativity flow and unless life depends on it, to hell with keeping a schedule!

    • Pushing through a creative block rarely produces satisfactory results. Alas, life and art flows much better without deadlines or alarm clocks.

  5. I don’t think you have to “push” through a creative block, but I do believe in keeping on working, showing up to your pad of paper, journal, word processor, guitar or piano. It’s fine as long as you allow yourself to produce bad art or bad writing, Eventually, you’ll have an inspiration again. Blogging takes a lot of time. For me, it’s fun. I also find the more you do, the more you can do — I write everyday and can write really fast. I now paint at least twice a week and have noticed that I paint faster than I used to — I think any hesitation and self-questioning gets burned away.

    If you are not getting to the projects you want to do, is there something you could eliminate (not necessarily art) that could give you more time or energy?

    • Humm… I’ll have to think about that.


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