Drab Bad Blue Art on an Dreary Day


Yes, it is drab bad blue art on a dreary day… scheduled in the early evening to post ye after midnight as I just want to curl up and go to sleep, let tomorrow bring a new day.


7 Responses

  1. This apperas to be maybe something you might find in a dream. Go to sleep and find out.

  2. Ps- It’s only 11:22pm if you chnge your clock now.

    • Oh sheez… I forgot about the clocks. Now I’m laughing at myself for being such an old lady going to bed so early, on a Saturday night no less.

  3. Dreary Day Blues

    Weary weary drab and dreary
    She laid her colored pencils down
    Nancy stretched yawned and sighed
    Off to bed she said this day be done
    May tomorrow bring cheer here for I
    Tonight snuggle deep in sleepy repose

    • Thank you, your poem makes me smile. May I keep it with the art? (In other words, write it on the back of the art, with credit to you as the author, of course.)

  4. I can relate to this feeling sometimes…..the mood of this picture feels dreary but I don’t think it’s bad at all…

    • Yes, the moods do come out in the art… sometimes as an expression and sometimes as a release.


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