The Voter

Yesterday, Ohio voters proved that our voting system is NOT broken by repealing SB5, otherwise known as Issue 2.

To briefly summarize a 300 page document, SB5 (Ohio Senate Bill 5) limited the collective bargaining rights of public workers like fireman, police, teachers, nurses, etc. It was quickly passed by the Republican majority in Columbus and signed into Ohio law by our Gov. Kasich, even though the public did not like it. There were a lot of protests at the time. It may have hit national news as another state was pushing a similar law – kind of reeks of ALEC when similar new legislation that hurts ordinary people pops up in various states ye about the same time. The other state also had a lot of protests and the Democrat representatives rebelled by leaving state to avoid a vote on their bill, if that helps you remember.

Anyway, Kasich’s landmark legislation for his first (and hopefully last) term in office, came up for a vote tonight. The only reason it was on the ballot was because over a million people signed a petition to put it up for a vote – far more signatures than was necessary but overkill was needed because those who did not want it on the ballot would go over the signatures and remove invalid signatures, say if someone signed more than once, whatever. And we the people of the great state of Ohio voted NO at a 2:1 margin. This is democracy in action.   Our voting system works.  Of course there were a few other things on the ballot, mostly local things.

I did something just for grins because ALEC has written draft legislation for their legislative members to submit and pass into law in various states requiring voters to show state issued Photo ID at the polls: I used my electric bill as my identification.

I could tell that the old ladies did not like it, but they did not give me any grief about it even though the one looked like she was gritting her teeth. She said, “let me see that” so I handed her the envelope and she peeked inside and leaned over and softly said something to the other woman about “they can do this now” and I tried not to laugh. OF course they compared my signature to my signature in the book to make sure it really was me. I suppose if someone was a really good forger, they could steal my current utility bill and – gasp – go vote pretending to be me since the electric company does not photograph their customers but the odds of that happening are highly unlikely.

I had my state issued Photo ID on me, but I was curious. I wanted to know if people who have to use alternative forms of identification are treated differently or if their ballots were set aside or whatever. I was handed one of the same paper ballots as everyone else and, after coloring in the little oval circles with an ink pen just like a grade school multiple choice test, I fed my own ballot into the optical scanner myself.

I did find it a little amusing when I went outside to call a taxi cab to take me home (did not feel up to waiting darn near an hour for the next bus, yes I just missed it), when I overheard a younger voter yakking on her cell phone, complaining about the new paper ballots.

Oh well… paper trails are good.

Today’s art was drawn with Faber-Castell Polychromos on  140 lb, hot pressed 100% cotton.

Thanks for reading my rambles, and better yet… thank you for viewing my art!


6 Responses

  1. This is fantastic news and gives me hope for next year’s election. I’m sick of what’s going on in politics today and wish for a time when both parties were willing to find middle ground. Or maybe that was just in a dream? I just feel like there’s a lot of irrational nonsense in politics, and an attempt to repress the downtrodden and have not’s. So repealing this law, that was quickly passed by the Republicans is fantastic news.

    • Yes, it seems compromise has become a lost art in today’s politics. Thanks for commenting Monica! ~ N.

  2. Congrats on the good news for your state. God bless America! For thosae that got out and made their vote count, I say Bravo!

  3. Is this a self-portrait? Good news for Ohio.

    • No, she looks more like my sister, who is thinner than me and holds her lips tightly pressed when she is focused on something, although I did not intend to draw the voter to look like anyone in particular. Thanks for asking and yes, this is good news for Ohio. Now we just hope they don’t break it up and back door sections of it into law tacked onto other things. The state government is Republican controlled and some representatives, as well as the governor, are members of ALEC.


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