Free Speech, No Camping

I’ve been quiet for a couple of days because I’ve been thinking. I suppose I should share some things about myself so you’ll know how my mind works, why I think the way I do.

STOP.  Yes, like a telegram.  I’ve just spent a good three hours writing one oh so very long post her wandering all around the back forty to get what I wanted to say and bump that.  So here is the highlights with an alternative spin:

Until recently, I considered myself to be a liberal Democrat.   I considered supporting the OWS movement after watching citizen posted videos of what looked like NYC police using a bridge as a box canyon to round up a herd.   I wanted to learn more about it.  I asked questions.  I felt deception, not that I was being lied to… felt more like something is hidden.  And some things just hit me crooked.  Like what’s up with the camping?

My mind is twirling a comparison between the current political landscape with war, civil unrest and protests, and the political landscape of my childhood with war, civil unrest and protests and my creative mind goes wandering off to the movies… remember “Trading Places” with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy?

Okay, this is totally out there and just for my own personal amusements (and yours) so this is a WHAT IF made-up conspiracy theory just for grins.  Pure fiction.

What if there are two old farts pulling the strings on a dollar bet?

They could be brothers.  Okay, so maybe they are filthy rich and really bored.  They need a little entertainment, perhaps a diversion, a little game based on predictable human behaviors.  All it would take is a whisper, a bird on the wind, the power of suggestion.  Look at the stats:  high unemployment, frustration, oh yeah… America is ripe for an Arab Spring.  Leaderless?  Brilliant!  It will attract every radical nut out there.  Kick back and watch, see what happens.  Hee, hee, laugh, they say… we are the one per-cent so no one would ever figure it out.

What’s the desired result?  Who benefits?

HINT:  Nixon’s campaign promise for the 1968 Election.   He won by a landslide.


3 Responses

  1. Answer to HINT question: “restore law and order”

  2. Gosh, it could very well be…..
    and I do not know the truth. But I do think a whole lot of us are really fed up.
    Your Free Speech-No Camping art work is very ironic!

    • I don’t really believe it… that would be really whacked out if it were true. I hope people realize that I just made it up for grins when my mind took a detour from wondering if history would repeat itself if mainstream voters are pitted against ows due to the violent factions within or around the occupy groups.

      Yeah, the sign is a little ironic. Occupy Youngstown was “evicted” on 11-11-11 as in they can continue to demonstrate 24/7 no problem… but no camping gear, etc. Odds are they will file a lawsuit, but considering that they were only pretending to occupy (run it like a union strike, in shifts, no one actually living in the occupy zone) and they just pitched their one tent on the date the city was lead to believe their occupy was ending (election day) plus they were fully aware of city ordinances when they got the permit for the first day rally, they may not have a legal leg to stand on.

      Thanks for commenting!


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