Independent Eye



Today’s art is “Independent Eye” partly because my political views are changing.  Yes, I hereby declare myself a Moderate Independent because I need to stand free, to NOT align myself with any groups.  My views are moderate and vary per issue, more conservative on some things and more liberal on others.

Today’s art is “Independent Eye” partly for another reason:  I want to maintain living independently for as long as I possibly can, which means that I need to take better care of myself.

Last night I was told that I need to watch this drawing eyes; it could be a sign of schizophrenia.  She quickly added that she doesn’t think that I have that particular mental illness, just that she remembers reading or hearing about people with schizophrenia tend to draw a lot of eyes.  She sees my drawing singular eyes a cause for concern.

Well, considering that no one in our family has had schizophrenia and I don’t think you can catch it by using colored pencils,  I am not going to worry about it.  But I am curious.  If she heard or read that, then there must be stats out there somewhere, some documentation to support or refute it.  I don’t think she made it up because one of her degrees is in art so she has all the art history background and then she worked in the mental health field for years.  She also knows my history with depression, which may the real concern.

So, I guess I have something new to research.  If there is a co-relation between drawing eyes or any particular subject matter and ANY mental illnesses, I want to find and read the documentation just so I know what psycho-bauble crap some shrink may think that my art says about me.

Oh, it is all therapy anyway.  All self-expression could be deemed therapy.  And, on that note I shall say, thank you for viewing my art!


8 Responses

  1. You do not have schizophrenia. I know quite a bit about it because I have a son who has it. You get it when you are a teenager or as a young adult. My son got it when he was 17. It is very disabling. I am sorry you have depression, though. I have it too,

    • Oh yes, you did that beautiful painting so full of emotion while he was missing. I am sorry your son has to live with it for as hard as it is on you, it must be harder for him.

      I hope this post did not upset you,,, it must be one of the most misunderstood illnesses and quite flustrating to know other people don’t understand and come off with things like what I was told about the eyes. People have a hard time understanding depression and it is quite common. I’m sorry you have it, too.

  2. Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for your compassionate answer. I am sure it is harder for him, and it is hell for me. No, this post did not upset me at all! And yes it (schizophrenia) is awfully misunderstood.

    I like your Eye Drawing!

  3. You know I can relate about the depression….Schizophrenia, I don’t know much about, but I feel for people who are dealing with it.
    I love this picture and I happen to love pictures of eyes and photos of them….I wonder what that may say. I just love eyes because they are the windows to the soul and eyes can say so much. So much is expressed through the eyes, so many different emotions…
    AND Purple is my favorite color!

    • Thank you! I love eyes and purple, too. 😀

  4. I love your eyes, too, Nancy! They are so very expressive and each one, along with your writings, express things about the human condition. Yes, depression is awful, and schizophrenia must be truly fiightening for the one who lives through it and those that love him/her. I can only imagine, for that, may I count my blessings, has not toughed my life. It says so much about our society that mental disorders of infiite variety are cropping up all over. Depression has hit our family on many levels, in many souls, and anxiety dissorder, drug addiction, and boozing to oblivion, also. These things are so much a symptom, and result of our culture, and our times, this I firmly believe.

    However, for those that can see the other half of the half empty cup, there is hope. Always hope if we just refuse to let it leave us. My heart goes out to the suffering of the whole population of earth, our mother, whom we have fouled. There still remains: HOPE. And most of all love.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and kind words. Isn’t it funny how some see the glass as half empty and others see it half full? I always thought that the question should be, “What color is the water?” Oh yes, drops of food coloring is the poor man’s stained glass. My grandmother used to set odd shaped little bottles of tinted waters in her windows so the sun could dance colorful light into her rooms.

      For me, depression has never been like the commercials whaa whaa woe is me rain cloud over the head wanna die crap. It creeps in like a fog, interferes with normal function, clouds up the mind and not neccessarily with negative thoughts. (Even doing simple math becomes difficult for me and I was a math tutor in college, did trig everyday on the job.) I’ve been dealing with this ailment for about 40 years and it is like dealing with any other chemical imbalance in the body, sometimes I can keep the fog away without meds and sometimes I need an antidepressant. (Like diabetes is a chemical imbalance ailment, sometimes it can be controlled with diet and exercise and sometimes insulin is needed.) Of course, how depression affects mind functions can vary greatly per person, and there are different types of depression, so I can only speak of my own experiences.


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