Hint of a Whisper


I almost darkened the background because it is such a faint blue and purple, just a hint of a whisper.  Alas, some things are best not messed with.   I don’t want to alter the art because I am not thrilled with the scan of the art.


9 Responses

  1. I do sometimes alter my art when I see a bad scan, particularly because the scanner likes to turn my lovely greens to sickly yellows and all blues to turquoise. I’ve been known to pull a painting from the scanner, add green or dark blue and try it again. Scanners don’t have the subtle color recognition of the human eye and I don’t like the way they see things often. I have found photographs to be more color-true than scans, but even they go off sometimes and there is the issue of getting them straight/square.

    • .I can scan fairly well in keeping the colors true with polychromos by using the advance settings on my scanner (millions of colors, high resolution, etc. tweaked by trial and error and saved as a scan option) so the scan comes into the PC as a huge file with the image way zoomed up and a bit washed out, but very close to color true. The I take the file to photoshop (I use Corel Paint Shop Pro) to crop it since I scan just past the edges and drop the resolution down to 100 dpi so when I uploaded, the image is closer to actual size. The only “photoshop” adjustment I do is to drop the “Brightness” just a bit trying to counteract the bright light of the scan process while being careful not to drop too far so it doesn’t darken the colors. I’m happy with it when it comes to my typical drawing style, but as in this one with the background oh so pale, there is no recovery from the brightness of the scanner light because the pale colors failed to scan.

      Of course, the medium alters everything – there are certain colors of prismacolor pencils that shift every time and I haven’t figured out how to adjust the scanner just right for watercolors yet.

      I have that same issue trying to take photos straight/square… mine come out as trapezoids instead of rectangles. 😦 Thanks for commenting Sharyn! ~ N.

  2. I like this with the subtle coloring and the elegance of the lines. Very nice. I agree too, scans and even photographs just can’t capture all the colors and dynamic range that the eye sees. Pretty frustrating. 🙂

    • Yes, it is flustrating trying to use these machines to share what we see with the human eye. Thank you for your kind words about my art!

  3. I make liberal use of the straighten and crop tools in iPhoto to try to straighten and square up my photos — sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But someone who takes photographs just told me I could use better ones on my site. I say, “Oh well.” She lives in Texas, so she won’t be taking them for me.

    • “Oh well” is a good attitude regarding negative critics. Most of my negatives land in the spam folder and they make me laugh… I’ve been slammed for poor grammar and spelling errors, excessive use of YouTube videos (hilarious!) and drawing ugly faces.

      • The photographer in question has bought one of my paintings and is a friend of mine: she’d probably offer to photograph them if she lived around the corner. My “oh well,” meant, “Oh well, I am doing the best I can at the moment. If the universe wants me to have a crack photographer, it will send one.” There are plenty of people who don’t like my paintings — I am interested in those who do.

  4. Hey, Nancy, I am kind of liking this catching up with my email that I have let pile up. Coming into the picture a bit down the line, I get to observe all this wonderful interaction tween you and Ms Kale, lol. I am lovig it! And, the day’s art is a nice elemental earthy wisp.

    • I’m catching up today, too. Yes, Sharyn is an artist/writer with a wonderful blog – she uses paints and pencils to create art that illustrates her recipes. If you haven’t been to thekalechronicles yet, I think you would enjoy it. How’s your knots? I’m looking forward to seeing your next creation. Thanks for commenting!


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