Wierd Escape

Wierd Escape as in my ESC key got dripped on by spilt water snaking around pencil pots while pretend arguing with my just turned-three years old granddaughter yesterday soon after I came in from getting my hair cut. We were coloring. I was working on today’s art. She had one of grandma’s “special paper” scribbling away with a red crayola. Then she got that twinkle in her eye like she does every time, and said, “I don’t like my pencils. I want yours” and promptly switch our pencil pots around, accidentally tipping her glass at the same time.

I soaked up the water off my desk with paper towel, shook the keyboard out (no big deal, just water… it dries. The pc was not turned on.) She likes the Faber-Castell Polychromos. I have an old set from before Faber-Castell updated their color/number system. I let her use them as long as she doesn’t want to play pencil pick-up.

Her mother walked into the room just as she held up one of my pencils and asked me what color it was. I said, “Violet” and the mommy freaked out. Zarah has to learn her basic colors for preschool, I should tell the child that it is purple. Well, there is more than one purple, more than one green… Zarah understands this so if the preschool does not like it, too bad. Of course mommy goes on arguing for basic colors, so I asked Zarah to show mommy the “Cinnamon” pencil. Zarah looks over all of the Polychromos standing up in a pot, then reaches in to pull out one pencil and hands it to mommy. Okay mommy, read the color name on the side of the pencil. “Cinnamon, but you should tell her that it is light brown, she’s going to have problems in school.” Oh geez.

Oh gosh… I’m yawning my head off. Guess I’ll be playing catch-up after catching some zzz’s. Oh it is Saturday night… Sunday morning actually. And here is Zarah’s art, the one she called “wierd.”


4 Responses

  1. Both of your creations are awesome! And the background story is interesting, too. What a wonderful Grandma you are!

    • Oh thanks! I love that she is interested in art as the creative gene skipped a generation and I could not get the mommy interested in making anything, although she did spend many an hour squishing and mushing globs of homemade play dough. (I think she liked the texture). I did not tell the mommy that we had just had a conversation about that cinnamon pencil a few minutes before she came back… Zarah had asked what color it was and then wanted to know why it did not smell. She’s learning… doesn’t know all of the pencil colors by name yet, but I figured she’d remember that one. 😀

  2. Looks like you both were in a “weird” mood with pencil in hand. One with grace and style, the other with open abandon.

    • Yeah, we have fun. My daughter says that we both act like three year olds when we color. Thanks!


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