Wish Bones

Yes, I am posting late because I discarded the art I was working on when it occurred to me that drawing turbulent storm clouds might just color it into being. My day was full of bones: bones of contention, echos of angry words and raised voices, tension and strife as thick in the air as the scent of collard greens, turnip greens, or whatever the plant greens being cooked in multiple apartments of this building. Doors slam, angry voices, feet in the halls and on the stairs, perhaps too much alcohol. At darn near two in the morning, people are still up partying, occasional cross voices penetrate my walls. Perhaps I’ve a bit of PTSD as my tolerance for any kind of negative tension, stress, or strife is way down around zero.

So I decided to start again. If I have to deal with bones, I may as well draw wish bones even though our turkey is yet to go in the oven. Yes, we are having our Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday instead of Thursday. My daughter is roasting the bird and her daddy is supposed to come up early to help her cook. (Yes, he volunteered for that.) I kind of noticed that the things she has delegated to me – prepping the stuffing for her to put in the bird, making the gravy when it is done, finishing off the fresh yams that she baked, peeled, and sliced today – these are all things that require mama’s seasonings. Guess it is like my chili. I’ve given her my recipes but she claims that they don’t come out the same, maybe because I use a magic wand (wooden spoon) and rarely precisely measure anything.

I “broke” the wishbone on the blue side so the green side, for new growth in the Spring, gets the wish.  My wish is for peace and harmony to surround my home every day of the year, including holidays. I may have to move to find it.


3 Responses

  1. My empathy for your stressfull time, may harmony follow soonest. I have gone through far more holidays like that than I have peaceful ones in almost all of my memory. This year for a very pleasant change, we had the most peaceful holiday prep & sup! We had no outbreaks of raised voices threatening unseemly, unrepeatable-in-mixed-company gobble-d-gook! Yea! Will wonders never cease! And if only more days were so perfect! Of course all came back down to earth soon after and life as we have become accustomed too resumed. Not so yea. :{ Me, my glass will ever remain half full, yes, I have high apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes that life can too be harmonious and world peace is attainable.

  2. Nice wishbone pic!

  3. Oh, savor the peace when it comes and enjoy every minute!


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