Stirring the Future

I’m keeping an eye on the future, stirring up plans.

This was my first Thanksgiving weekend in this apartment building and surprise, surprise, it was not as quiet as I had anticipated. At my last building, most tenants disappeared on holidays, left town, took off to spend their holiday with their families somewhere else.

Oh, to sum up the mood of the building in one word, “ROWDY” comes to mind, as in party central in multiple units with just a little too much of everything. There is absolutely nothing in the way of sound proofing in this building so every noise travels. I can hear coins drop into the slots on the washing machine in the basement, hear a raised voice on the top floor, and every step over my head is magnified. Add drunken tension and it is just too much.

I’m thinking about looking for another place to live, somewhere flat like one story high buildings, no one over or under me, maybe with a porch or patio. The big debate is where as odds are I’ll have to leave the city, look in Boardman or Struthers or one of the other burbs but the WRTA service outside Youngstown is somewhat limited as in some don’t run every hour or only make a loop in one direction or there is no nightline service, if I’d be lucky to find such a place right on or near the bus lines. Of course, there are always taxis and the short bus, but those cost more and odds are rents will also be more so I don’t know. Perhaps I should opt for senior/disabled housing in the city as those buildings typically have bus stops right there, but that is assuming that seniors and the disabled are less rowdy than the crowd here, but then there are a lot of old drunks in this world and age does not turn people into what they are not. Even if they were less rowdy, odds are that I would end up with people with hearing losses cranking up televisions over and under me.

Right now, I’m just stirring ideas with an eye towards Spring as I need to save up for a move as I so don’t do the U-Haul thing and I’d have a deposit to pay long before I’d get deposit here back. In the meanwhile, I can think about what to keep and what can go as I still have way too much stuff even after downsizing twice, first from a house to an apartment and then downsizing again to this smaller apartment. I miss the house.


9 Responses

  1. Try imagining in great detail exactly what you want to find. Then draw it. This kind of thing works for some people — don’t know why. Good luck. I hate noise.

  2. Don’t forget that other options exist. Louisiana, for example.

    • Yes, there are always other options and the south is warmer but I don’t want to be a long distance grandma while the babes are young. For some reason, everytime you suggest we move down south, I can’t help but think of grandma and Aunt Ethel shelling peas on the porch.

  3. I hope that you find the place to live that you are hoping for. It sounds to me like your planning ahead is very level-headed and it will work out! Oh, how I wish that I could see my Grand Babies!!!! I live in Colorado and they are up in Seattle. I am too poor to be able to travel to go see them! Wonderful drawing!

    • Oh I hope so, and I hope you hit on a lottery ticket or sell enough art to make a trip to visit your grand babies!

  4. Thank you, Nancy. It would be nice. 🙂

  5. I can so relate with staying to be near the grandbabies! As much as I love my daughter, I could live with less of her, but not my Iris Jewel ! I have a place with my sister in Tx if I want to move there, but then I would be far away from my Iris. Also, I know she loves me and would miss me lots. But….sometimes…when the daughter does her imitation of a “parabolic itchy bitch…I could sooo go down Texas way! Lol. It would be so peaceful ! (I really would miss my daughter too, just not as much as my granddaughter!)

    • Yes, tis an odd dance, mothers and daughters… especially with your living arrangements. I’m lucky in that i can say “go home” with just living in the same building.


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