Evil Intent

I had a potentially bad encounter last night. I walked out of a store pushing a cart full of shopping bags, flipped open my cell phone to call a taxi home and as the number is dialing, a white man comes walking up asking if he can help me load my car.

I could feel his evil intentions. While he is still a few feet away, I say, “sheez, I don’t have a car, can’t afford one of those things.” He still comes right up to me, asks for money. I throw him a mean look as the dispatcher answers the phone. I’m talking on the phone, rattling off store name and street intersection while this dude is way too close and still talking, trying to give me some sab sob story about his pregnant wife, who I see is getting out of the car he was standing by when I walked outside and instead of walking towards him as a wife would do, she is circling round out in the rain, sticking to the shadows of the dark parking lot. Now I am really giving the dude mean looks like I’m on the frickin phone, get away from me, watching him and watching her and thinking oh shit, are they going to jump me in the bright lights right outside the store with people mulling around?

He backs off, goes out in the shadows to the white woman, then comes back to me asking for a light. I wasn’t smoking and I wasn’t about to go rooting around for a lighter especially since I heard round about recently that someone got robbed by someone asking for a light, so I just said, “I’m not talking to you.” Twice. I must have been giving him the evil eye as he backed off, took a few steps backwards and watching me the whole time, he circled past me, meet up with his woman in the parking lot and they headed off down the road.

The store clerk came out and asked if I was okay. Yeah. They’ve had problems with those two before.

Maybe I just walked out at the wrong time as obviously, the car she was sitting in was not theirs… maybe I caught them searching unlocked cars for cash or whatever?

Oh well.  This was very much on my mind when I drew my daily art practice.

Thanks for looking!


11 Responses

  1. Glad you are okay, Nancy. Sometimes mean looks are a good thing.

    • Thanks. I was just glad they backed off as I don’t trust druggies farther than I can spit.

  2. Wow, how scary! I’m glad you’re okay. And what took the clerk so long to come out?

    On to the image. I like that evil seed there. Still contained though, which is a good thing.

    • Oh, she was a little old lady. I think they should hire security. Thanks for liking my art!

  3. Nancy, you have good instincts. I do, too, and can sense danger very well. And I can gather power and blow someone away with one of my looks. I am sooo glad you are okay. You never know what can happen.

    Your drawing expresses everything so very very well. Very expressive.

    • Ahhh, you must be, as my sister says, “one of us” 🙂 I sense danger well, usually to avoid it. I’ve been told that I can throw some scary looks, especially when I get mad, but I don’t think I can gather power. Thank you for the kind words about my art.

  4. Super scary! Glad your ok!

  5. Glad that you only got spooked and nothing worse happened. More people should trust their instincts the way you do. I think we’re taught to be polite to the point where we’ll risk our safety because we’re afraid of possibly offending someone when reality is we don’t owe creepy strangers a show of good manners. I highly doubt a rapist ever thinks, “oh, she’s too polite to hurt” and walks away…and yet, we worry and try to shoo people gently even when our instincts or inner voice screams for us to get away. Good for you for holding your ground when you needed to!!

    • Yeah, no need to be polite to creepy people. I’m glad that I did not have a car to go to, that I did not have to leave the bright lights near the store entrance. Thanks for commenting!

  6. That’s a great eye Nancy – you’ve nailed the negative vibe right on. We are all surrounded every day by evil forces, in individuals, corporations and governments. Standing up to the bullies of every ilk is the way to go; not necessarily with physical force (although this can help if trained) but with positive and strong energy. We all need to be looking out for each other all the time because together we can overcome the tyrants. See Europe right now.
    Take care of yourself and thank you for your constant support of art rat cafe.
    Happy Solstice!


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