Bad Art in Petals

I have a doc appointment today so I spent most of yesterday looking for old papers, something that will tell me who did my colonoscopy and when, information the new doc wants so I don’t have to get another… but, hell with it… I’m not volunteering for tests I don’t want or need, it hasn’t been THAT long ago. I lived in the house, so it has been at least four years… was it before or after Rodney moved to Allentown? He went with me when I had breast surgery, but not the colonoscopy so I’m thinking it was a year or two later. What year did he move? Was it before or after my last tetanus shot? Was I still working? What year did I buy that house? My whole life is divided by geographic locations.

Okay, so it was sometime between 2004 and 2007. (After Rodney moved, while I lived in the house, and while I was still working.) Why does this doc think I need this test? AGE: past 50, check the plumbing. It’s no big deal. The prep is worse than the actual test. I don’t remember anything – a nurse asked if I would like a heated blanket while I was waiting, then when she laid the blanket on me, I thanked her and asked how much longer it would be before they got started, she said, “honey, we’re all done.” So it is no big deal. I just don’t want to do it again right now if it is not really necessary.

Papers or no papers, I think I’m good for another year or two.

It is in my medical records – so this office is “paperless” and they did not ask me to sign a release to get copies of my records from my old doc. They can call the old doc and ask them to look it up.

Well, I don’t have the gallery up yet… and today’s art is like BAD, not real thrilled with it.  The cat is there to dispel any myth of it being colon art. (What are cat scans for?)  And sorry… I haven’t taken the time to relax and enjoy reading other people’s blogs, etc. But, my hall closet is cleaned out. 😀


4 Responses

  1. Well, I guess I like bad art: I like the pink and the long petal shapes and the black cat (cat scans!).

    • Oh thank you. Some days, it just doesn’t come out as I see it in my head, but just got to roll with it anyway.

  2. Get the stupid test. Love, Your Sister

    • Nah, you only need those about once every ten years… he did not ask about it so he either found out on his own by contacting the old doc’s office or forgot, come up with some different tests to put me thru. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love, N.


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