Mechanical Net Girl

Okay, so I have done lost my mind. What is a mechanical net girl? I don’t know… a puppet wearing a net?

This started out as a prelude to tomorrow’s art, a practice for a practice size art, and yet the two are very different because I did not like the face on this one so I punked it out. Okay, that is the only hint… today and tomorrow, two girls… different scenes. I like tomorrow’s better.

I kind of broke my own time rule of posting wee early in the day, usually just after midnight, by posting this one ye after five o’clock in the afternoon. Alas, why do I put such restrictions on myself?


7 Responses

  1. Cool art nevertheless!

  2. Why do you? Are they restrictions or helpful structure?

    • I don’t know… helpful structure can feel like restrictions now and then.

      • I hear you — this bull needs a big meadow or he kicks down fences.

  3. I like this. To me she kind of looks like she’s laying down among leaves. It just tickles me for some reason. 🙂

    • Thank you! I see her as laying down, too.


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