More Stench

Tomorrow’s art will be more cheery, or at least more colorful. This is the other heavy-handed graphite pencil drawing regarding the stench of stale tobacco smoke. I wish it were Spring so I could fling open the windows. Thank you for viewing my art!


6 Responses

  1. Oh, I like this one better: nice lines and negative spaces. You’ll get things freshened up as best you can. Meanwhile, your lungs are celebrating, having a party, growing new healthy cells. Go, Nancy, go!

    • Thank you! My carbon monoxide number has dropped from 27 to 14, so my lungs may be celebrating.

  2. You COULD fling open the windows while you’re out and about on excursions during the somewhat warmer days since you do not live on an easily accessible floor. Close them up again when you return. Just a suggestion.

    • Yes, that would be a good idea if I trusted my neighbors farther than I could spit.

  3. After you get quite a bunch of things washed that you can, I have one word for the immovable things: Febreeze! It may help. Another possible thing you could try is to get some aquarium charcoal, put some in some small dishes and position them around the house. I do know charcoal is good for absorbing oders, just not sure if aquarium stuff would work, I do know it is not to expensive. Just a thought.

    Ok, now comes the most important thing I have to say….. Yea! Nancy!

    • I never thought of aquarium charcoal, thanks for the idea! It may help to tuck some into the box files of important papers. Thanks for the cheers but I’m not quite there yet… still very addicted to nicotine via patch, whatever. Might take til Valentines to be totally free.


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