Pigs in Trays

Pigs in a tray… or rather, a piggy bank sitting in an ashtray as giving up this little addiction will free up lots of coins.

I splurged yesterday at the Elizabeth Arden counter in Macy’s department store while shopping for a bit of perfume for a favorite auntie. They always have some special deal in the Christmas season, spend so much and you qualify for a special offer that is worth a whole lot more than the price. Since my daughter went ga-ga over that bright red, alligator textured, fake leather tote bag with the silky leopard print inside that she thinks will make an ideal overnight bag with a “please, please, please” when I told her that I was giving it to someone else (it is hers, but she doesn’t know it yet and no, she does not read my blog), it was very easy to talk myself into buying the makeup set that comes with a bright red “train case” bag to match that tote bag. Yes, the same leopard print lining and everything.

I noticed that one of the three tubes of lipsticks is a shade very similar to a favorite Elizabeth Arden lipstick that I wore years ago. I had never bothered to replace it because at near twenty a tube, their lipsticks are a luxury now that I am, shall we say, living on less than a fourth of the annual income that I once enjoyed. Would it be rude to swipe out a lipstick for myself?

By the time I got home, I realized that the only thing in the entire makeup set that my daughter might actually use, outside the red case, was a lip gloss. (She has her own favorites, does not wear Elizabeth Arden makeup.)  The sales clerk had mentioned that the makeup items could be divvied up into several gifts, so I was trying to decide who to give what to when I called my sister. Jai had the most wonderful idea… one that I had to mull over for a while. She suggested that I give the makeup to my own self.  What?  To ME?

How could I justify giving exspensive makeup to myself, even though the special deal on the set was only $45?   Then Jai pointed out something very important:  it cost less than my cigarettes.

I really don’t wear makeup anymore: a tinted moisturizer, splash of lipstick, and I’m out the door.   The set would be nice to have, but I really don’t need it… so I don’t know what I am going to do yet, but it is quite liberating to realize just how much cash goes up in smoke.  I’m going to have to start thinking of better ways to spend it. Oh, there are lots of things I have gone without while supporting this addiction and I’m too cheap to go crazy, but mama does need a new pair of shoes.  And I’ve always had this fantasy of walking into an airport, picking a destination off the board, and going without telling another soul, just to watch the sun rise someplace else.

Today’s art was drawn on Bristol with colored pencils and kissed with a bit of black ink.  And yes, it posted late in the afternoon.  Thank you for viewing my art.


6 Responses

  1. Get the shoes, Nancy, since you are being good to your body. Can’t advise about the make-up, other than to say keep the lipstick if you wear it (I myself never put on make-up, except rare instances of lipgloss. I love manicures with hot wax, but my hands are working hands and only get that about once every two years).

    Congratulations on another smoke-free day. Enjoy the pleasure of contemplating what to do with your new allowance.

    • Humm… I’ve never gone for a professional manicure, sounds like a special treat to add to my pamper-me list. Thank you!

  2. How many days are you into free zone? I have been so in and out and up and down on the net, I don’t know when you began the retreat into breathing! Hehe, my cili choice of words.
    I am so happy you are doing the deed. I agree, get the shoes, and the pampering, and the lipstick! Can’t do anything but reinforce the freedom from slavery! Ever Onward!

    • Oh, I’m not 100% there yet… official quit date was Pearl Harbor Day but when I try to go without alternative nicotine, all I want is a smoke. This has to be one of the hardest things to do. Of course, you know that having successfully quit yourself.

  3. I hope you got the shoes, Nancy!! Manicures (and pedicures) are a routine for me now. I never even gave them to myself as something special and now I can’t do without them!! Bordering on addiction, I’m sure! 😀 I also hope you kept the make-up. I never used to wear make-up at all but when I turned 40 I started trying all kinds of different brands. A late bloomer, for sure!! I remember when I was recovering from surgery many years ago, I had this wonderful nurse. I’ll never forget what she told me when she was helping me walk to the bathroom… she told me to put on some lipstick as that would change the way I was feeling. Like sh*t, for want of a better word. I didn’t even have any with me (the days when I didn’t put anything on my face) so she pulled out hers from her pocket and watched while I put it on. The shock of seeing my reflection was enough to take my mind of how I was feeling. I do have to say that several of the nurses commented that I “looked like I was feeling better” which really helped to lift my spirits. That was a lot of words to say, “Keep the make-up, Nancy!!!” Hahaha. I also have to add in here that even if I’m just at home, I now put on something just because I can!


    PS. I do enjoy your art and words and am now catching up with like a month’s worth of posts! And if you ever do just hop on a plane… consider Dubai as a destination. You’d have your own personal tour guide! 😉

    • Yes, Lorrie, I am keeping the makeup. 😀 It is amazing how just a little lipstick can make you feel so much better. I’m glad you are posting again as I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your kind words and tour guide offer! Alas, I travel in my dreams. 😀


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