Oh happy joy-joy… I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit but I am not quite there yet. Maybe if I address Christmas cards or sew that seasonal print fabric into cheerful cafe curtains, do a bit of decorating, perhaps something will make me feel more festive. Instead, I open boxes of tools, still packed from before I moved here, looking for an arbor press and the set of number stamps that have seem to have vanished into thin air, thinking maybe I should off some of the stuff that I have not bothered to unpack after all these months. Eh, that can wait until January. We’ve got a holiday to celebrate coming up way too soon. Oh well… thank you for viewing my art! I’m hoping to feel the joy soon.


5 Responses

  1. Hall closet, back of one of the top shelves, if I recall correctly.

    • Thanks! I’ll look there next…

  2. *Mandatory fun* is what I call holidays that I’m really not in the mood to celebrate. I decorated the house in hopes of sparking some holiday joy this year but a week later, I’m already tired of trying to dust and clean around everything. I’m not usually a Grinch but damn, it’s hard to just *snap* into a festive mood because a calendar says it’s time, isn’t it?

    I so totally get why bears hibernate all winter – lucky critters!

    • “Mandatory fun” reminds me of “mandatory opportunity” and ready or not, here it is… I want one of those picture postcard holidays with sleigh rides and snowflakes on the window pane, a crackling fire and glasses of champagne, oh wait… I think that’s a movie. LOL Yes, lucky bears!

  3. I tried my best to hibernate today, but I woke up anyway! I was having dreams I didn’t want to leave, don’t remember what they were, but wanted to go back to sleep to dream some more. Merry Humbug, in deed. We have a tree leaning against the wall by the door, a friend off my daughter’s brought it to us. It has been leaning there for at least 4 days. I have been tempted to start putting things on the tree anyway, maybe it will light a fire under them to get it set up. Some one needs to dig out the tree stand, oh my. I am obviously in about the same frame of mind here. Trying to feel the joy. I am sure my attitude will improve somewhat, though I am not a major holiday person. I prefer to live in joy year round, easy to say, not so easy to do.

    We usualy have a fair amount of snow by this time, but we have a snow deficit, badly!! I was talking to some ladies at my granddaughters school yesterday and one said they are having to cancle the sleigh rides they usually have for the kids over the vacation. No snow, no sleigh rides! What a drag. That is like a major thing for the kids here. Come on snow! Come on JOY! Hohoho! Chuckle, hahaha, chortle, teehee!


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