Dreams in Red

No words today… dreaming the night away.
Thank you for viewing my art!


8 Responses

  1. I like this one, Nancy. No words necessary. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  2. Hi Nancy – I’ve explored your drawings back as far as they go, I think. I have also read a selection of your written posts. You are an excellent and honest writer and I admire how up-front and revealing you are considering that your words go out to the world. I am inspired by your willingness to be vulnerable and look forward to reading more. Somewhere you asked if your art was improving. I reply, absolutely yes! To be more specific I think that you are venturing more into abstraction now, like ‘Dreams in Red’ or the ‘Stench’ drawings. In these I see more confidence and exploration of colour and media than in more representational pieces like ‘Joy’ which have tended to stay the same since the beginning. Understand I am talking only about the way you use your medium not about the thoughts and feelings behind them. One of my most loved book and TV presenters of art history is the lisping and droll academic nun; Sister Wendy Beckett. In one of her BBC shows, exploring prehistoric cave art, she says, “Art changes but it doesn’t get better”. Food for thought! I am so impressed that you have continued to make one card a day for so long. As you have seen, I did the same for 39 days on ATC cards and it wasn’t always an easy go. I admire and am inspired by your tenacity. This daily practice inevitably ensures that your skills must develop, and they have. Thank you for your continuing support of my work at art rat cafe, I appreciate it and it means a lot to me. It’s been super getting to know you through your blog.

    • Ahhh, but the vulnerability is actually in the art as I never felt so exposed as on the first time I walked into a gallery to see one of my paintings in a group show so many years ago, and it was like a part of me was hanging on the wall waiting to be judged, accepted or rejected, loved or hated, or worse yet, viewed with indifference. Online is easier, especially with these little drawings and even with the words; I feel like I’m amongst friends. Whenever I feel a bit intimidated about this going out into the world, I just remind myself that the majority of people on this planet don’t give a rat’s ass what I do or say as even in my own large family, only one sister follows my blog. (I could do cartwheels naked down the street and still get yadda-yadda neverminds, although I might get arrested. Oh well. I’m not physically able to do that anyway, but that’s pretty much how it is.) Thank you for taking the time to view my art and share your thoughts. I value your opinion after reading some of your writings – I shall have to return to the art rat cafe for further exploration. (Can I add you to my blog roll?) Yes, I get lost in the abstracts, take more risks to learn more about the color interactions as I learn to use these pencils, find more satisfaction with the results. The representational tends to be my “off day” art when I don’t feel quite into it. I like that quote. Now I’ll have to google Sister Wendy Beckett as she sounds interesting and I don’t have cable, perhaps there are some youtube clips. Thanks again, Nancy

  3. I’ve had exactly the same experience with showing my art. What is interesting to me is that when I showed my paintings and drawings I felt as you did, but when I showed my photographs my feelings were completely neutral. However, my photos sold and my artwork didn’t…hummm! Thank you for your kind words and for your interest in my site. I would be honoured to be on your blog roll and in turn I ask you if you can be on mine?
    I also don’t have cable, in fact I don’t have TV at all. My familiarity with Sister Wendy comes from teaching art history to teens when I was an art teacher and borrowing videos from the library. I haven’t checked You Tube for her programs but might try now you have mentioned it.
    Keep on truckin’….

    • Yes, just added you to my blogroll, using your description of the art rat cafe, checked to make sure it worked okay and wow… I had to linger for a bit to see your latest art postings. What I miss when I don’t wander daily! Thank you! And yes, I’d be honored to be on yours.

  4. Hey Nancy, love the “Red Dreams”, reminds me of some of my jewelry selling dreams, of ducking in behind a rich tapestry to show something special. (these dreams happen because I often go to sleep with the Gem Shopping Network streaming live on my computer. I have had some pretty fun jewlery dreams, lol.)

    By the way, I ran across a Cincinnati artist on EBSQ that I liked a lot. Her work is fun, fanciful, colorful and she has published and illustrated a few childrens’ books. I just thought her fun so wanted to share. Her name is Juli Cady Ryan.

    The first time I wrote my blog and posted a piece of my work online, I felt much the same as you. Each time I have begun writing something in my blog, I wonder what I will find to say, but it somehow manages to flow out. My main concern is that I will bore folks, or seem to be too uninformed or something like that. I have had quite a break from writing my blog, with all the research I have been indulging in. It is about time for me to pick it up again and wow the world, lol. I am working on compiling a list of links for my blogroll for now. I have found some fine art, some fun art and funky art. Love it all!

    • Oh, I look forward to see what you have knotted lately! And I always enjoy your posts. I haven’t been to EBSQ in awhile, so thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look for Ms. Ryan next time I’m there, and I’ll have to check out your blogroll, too. Thanks for commenting!


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