Displaced Trees

Yes, it is one of the displaced trees, a bit lost in an unknown world, waiting to do as told.

I decided how to cheer myself up, to put myself into a holiday mood and flip things around a bit: I asked my daughter if we can have our family Christmas dinner at my place. It’s not much to ask… we live on different floors of the same apartment building, so instead of me going up, she’ll be coming down. The major difference is that I will feel more like I am doing something positive instead of doing as told.


I abandoned this post as a saved draft when my daughter and her family stopped by… turned into a long day.   Thank you for viewing my art!


7 Responses

  1. I know how your tree feels. (Sigh.)

    • Hugs, dear sister… the Spring winds will blow and call your name again.

  2. I gave up using cut cultivated trees for Christmas years ago but I also have an aversion to pretend trees. For a couple of years I bought live trees and after Christmas transplanted them in the forest. Now I just lightly decorate my Norwegian Pine and also use pruned pine branches that I forage from around the streets. There are plenty of these always as I live close to the forests of Vancouver, Canada and folks are forever demonstrating their control over nature. Apart from all that I understand the metaphorical symbolism of your “Displaced Tree” and have been there.

  3. I forgot to mention, with all due respect, that I wholly disagree with your site’s sub-title “Posting Bad Art Daily etc”. Even if the intent is ironic it doesn’t work. There is no concept of good or bad in art. It either works as art or it doesn’t. Your work is honest and has integrity. To call it “Bad Art” is a self put-down that is not warranted. As an artist you need to honour the creative spirit in you and work from a nourishing foundation. I hope that you can accept this criticism in the positive spirit in which it was made.

    • Yes, I know… “art without adjectives” 😀

      There are days when doing a daily when the art just doesn’t work and the little disclaimer helps me post it anyway, plus I am a fan of MOBA, the Museum of Bad Art. Even on my worst days, it is still not “museum quality bad art” although I do have a painting that could be donated upon my demise. If you ever visit their website, search for “Peter the Kitty” as it is my all time favorite there. http://museumofbadart.org/

      I suppose I should change it since it reads like a put-down. It may take a bit to think something up. Thanks for letting me know how it reads… and thanks for your comments. You are blessed indeed to be able to fill your home with the scents of foraged pine branches.

  4. Yes, I like the thought of never having another cut tree in the house, but it is not my house, and my daughter must have her tree for her girl. She is so “tradition minded”. I would be happy with a tree formed from foraged branches. Could be very artistically done. And so eco friendly.

    I too have had a moment of wondering at the wording “bad art” because I certainly feel yours is anything but. I love your whimsy!

    • My daughter is the same way, although she prefers an artificial as she claims to be allergic to pine. I haven’t done a tree since the year I woke up alone on Christmas morning all happy thinking, “oh, Santa Claus” and the only thing under my tree was a toy for the cat. Something artsy would be cool… did you see the tree made of bare branches at “My Process Diary”? (link on blogroll)


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