Build a Bridge

Build a bridge, a blue bridge, an abstract bridge, a whatever bridge and get over it.
Take the path from A to B, metaphorically.

Three years ago, a sibling burnt bridges and now we can stand on opposite shores and wave a friendly hello, pretend the bridge is still there, but soot still lingers in the air.

Twenty?  Yes, it has been twenty years. In the Fall of 1991, believing we had repaired a bridge, my daughter’s father and I remarried only to split up six weeks later.  And now that we are “grandma” and “grandpa” to two precious babes and we are kind to each other, I feel an old sad river flow between us, with banks cut too deep to cross.

Love flows in ink across envelopes lost two days in the post to bring a smile.
A special friendship endures time, crossing a bridge made of telephone lines.

I will get from A to B, achieve the goals I cannot see and someday be set free.

Thank you for viewing my art!


10 Responses

  1. I so love how truthful you are Nancy. Just beautiful. Love your art too. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Katie. Someone told me when I was a kid that it is easier to tell the truth than keep track of lies. Sometimes I tell too much, but the words go with the art. 😀 (p.s.: I love your photography, too.)

  2. I like this one.

    • Thank you dear sister, this is the one I started while we were talking on the phone. 😀

  3. You have a sweet soul. You know beauty and you are not afraid to use it! Along with recognizing it’s counterpart, which is grounding. Oh, yes…waxing philosophical here, hehe. Though I make light of me, I speak with sincereity. I am a fan.

  4. Beautiful blue bridge.

  5. Got a little something for you, Nancy: a Versatile Blogger Award. You get a link on my next blog post, the chance to nominate fifteen other blogs you like and the opportunity to reveal seven things about yourself to your readers. I hope to have my post out by tonight. Congratulations! — Sharyn

    • Oh wow, my very first blog award. Thank you! I’ll be right over to your blog to learn more about it and to see what you have to reveal about yourself. 😀 Sounds like fun.


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