April Showers

If stores can do “Christmas in July” sales, I can post “April Showers” on Yule. Afterall, it was the shortest day of the year and yet the temps hit the fifties with a light drizzle of rain for most of the day here in Youngstown, Ohio. I hopped the WRTA on down past the mall to do a little shopping at the Hobby Lobby in Boardman, then took the South Avenue bus to the Almighty Walmart (so not my favorite store, reminds me of the “Ghost of Christmas Misery” to hit big box stores so close to the holiday) and then ended up calling a taxi to take me home as I don’t think I could have climbed back up on the bus, even though the drivers so kindly use that air thing to lower the front end for me.

Anyway, kind of zapped the day away so today’s art is #23 from 2009, a bit of “bad art” since the umbrellas supposedly leaning up against the wall remind me of free-standing stockings for a cartoon lady, which kind of hits me somewhere between a laugh and a groan.

It has been easier today… learning about free basing nicotine, as well as how the manufacturers of my particular brand of cigarettes increased the nicotine level 20% awhile back, kind of put things into perspective. It also answers questions like WHY my personal consumption DOUBLED ye about when they started that crap. I thought it was ME, that my stress levels or something must have jacked way up or something to make me want more. I smoked ye about the same quantity for over 30 years, then rapidly increased to twice as much. Now I know that they were messing with my smokes, engineering the cigs to free base the nicotine to increase addictive properties, like whoa… BUMP THAT! So I think this information will help me get me head around what’s going on… understand WHY the incessant craving continues even with alternative nicotine. Knowledge is a powerful thing. It does not feel so overwhelming now that I know what I am dealing with.

Thank you for viewing my art.


3 Responses

  1. I’m telling you, we paid for good tobacco –and they gave us 28 ingredients instead. They purposely manipulated what used to be a small pleasure so that it would be more like an addictive drug, and in the end left us with nothing but smoke and ashes. LOL…so the perspective is a wee bit off. I still like this one.

    • Thanks Jai… “Smoke and Ashes” reminds me of the Tracy Chapman song… and a man I used to know who burnt out long ago. (Yeah, same one Kathy asked who he was. 😀 )

  2. The thing I like is that slowly, but surely, people are learning to give the tobacco moguls the proverbial: “Up yours mo-fo! I aint buyin’ it no mo!” Hey, I’m waxing poetical again, giggle.


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