Off Holiday: Faultline

Hello!  Happy New Year!  Yes, she looks a bit hung over but I celebrated stone sober so this is not a self-portrait, lol.   It is more of an emotional commentary about the boom that shook the valley earlier on New Year’s Eve, a 4.0 mag earthquake.  I thought a big truck must have slammed into this building.  This is Ohio… we do tornadoes, lake effect snow, and occasional minor flooding during the rainy season.  We don’t do earthquakes, yet this was the eleventh earthquake since March, all centered within two miles of a new brine injection well.  Thank you gas frackers?  Yeah, mess with Mother Earth and she’ll mess right back.

Well, it is good to be back on WordPress.  I only planned on taking a couple of days off for Christmas, but years of working kind of kicked me into  what is traditionally known in unionized factories as Christmas Week and pretty much just stayed off WordPress over the holidays.  I look forward to wandering over to my favorite blogs and catching up over the next few days.

Speaking of favorites, I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger award just before the holidays , and I guess that I’m supposed to select fifteen of my favorite blogs and nominate those people, then each of those people would have to select fifteen of their favorites, and so on and so on…  sounds like a nice way to share the blogs you enjoy reading with the people who read your blog… but I’ve been thinking about that.

Yeah.  I’m doing the math.   Here’s what can happen within a matter of weeks if I nominate 15 and each nominee on down the line participates by nominating fifteen… it’s awarded exponentially, 15 to the nth power:



1  x 15 = 15

15 x 15 = 225

225 x 15 = 3,375

3,325 x 15 = 50,625

50,625 x 15 = 759,375

759,375 x 15 = 11,390,625

11,390,625 x 15 = 170,859,375

170,859,375 x 15 = 2,562,890,625

(and on it goes)

How many bloggers are there out there?


Naturally, many bloggers would be nominated over and over again, unless they post the “Versatile Blogger Badge” on their page so they can point to it and politely decline their 18th or 47th go around.   I didn’t get one of those badges (maybe I was supposed to click and steal it?) so I’m thinking maybe I can say that I was nominated but not awarded and just quietly bail out, tip toe off but that’s not really fair to the blogger who nominated me.  I don’t think she realized how similar this award thing is to things like pyramid schemes and chain letters because she’s a nice person and her heart is in the right place.   So I decided to just do a shout out to the person who nominated me.

 If anyone deserves an award for her blog, it is Sharyn.  Visiting  thekalechronicles  is a virtual treat.  She doesn’t just post recipes – she spins a story about the recipe that takes you into her warm and wonderful kitchen (or so I imagine it to be) while she is making it, plus she gives a little background on where she got the recipe and delightfully illustrates each post with an original painting incorporating the ingredients into the art.  If you haven’t visited her blog yet, I highly recommend it.

Oh, I’m also supposed to share seven things most of yall don’t know about me…  I can deal with that.

  1. I’m a beader (handmade jewelry, rosaries, etc.)
  2. I love ironwork, black wrought iron, etc.
  3. I can and have drawn crowds at those wild west shooting arcades in amusement parks.
  4. I have a 68,000+ word rough draft stuck in a box under my desk.
  5. I’ve been engaged four times and accidentally married the same man twice.
  6. When I ran away from home (as an adult), I spent six weeks on Santa Rosa Island.
  7. I collect glass birds and hammers.

Thank you for viewing my art today!

UPDATE:   I decided to rename this “Faultline” because it is a faultline causing these earthquakes… one perturbed mother earth on one side and gas frackers disturbing the earth to harvest fuel on the other.  The brine is making her sick.


10 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that you are okay, Nancy. We have earthquakes out here, of course, sometimes large, sometimes small. I live near the intersection of two faults. Re: the blog award: I didn’t figure out how to copy the badge from the person who gave it to me, which is why I didn’t post one on my site or send you one (Also, badges conflict with artwork and we artists don’t like that). The important thing is that awards sometimes help people find your art and mine and blogs that either of us like — we can all use readers, patrons, fans, etc. — Sharyn

    • Yes, I can understand your perspective about blog awards. (Feel free to pass it on to someone else if you want to. I get weird about things sometimes, just one of my oddities I guess.) The earthquakes are a problem around here as no one knows earthquake safety. Our buildings are not made to withstand such things. A lot of people don’t even have their hot water tanks strapped down so it’s a hot topic in this city with people trying to figure out what to do.

  2. Welcome back, and Happy New Year! I think this is my favorite so far. Not sure why, it just really resonates with me. I agree with you about the blog (pyramid) award. What if someone doesn’t have 15 favorites? I will definitely visit her blog, sounds interesting.

    Wishing you a joyful, wondrously abundant year!

    • Oh thank you! Happy New Year to you, too. May your year be blessed with health and happiness.

  3. DRAT. I forgot and tried to click “like” again! LOL. Happy New Year! Yep, that earth shaking moment was unexpected and different, for this neck of the woods. Thanks for the reference to your friend’s blog…kitchen art sounds quite interesting to a “kitchen witch!”

    • Well, dear sister… you can remedy that by joining WordPress and then you could wander around to read all sorts of interesting blogs and click “likes” to your hearts content. 🙂

  4. Nancy – your math looks like a tree – the conventional Christmas tree – It hurts my brain to try to understand ‘Blog awards’ but I congratulate you and do understand why you would be nominated. The tree image relates to your fear of earthquakes. The tree has deep roots and can withstand nature’s shaking – it has flexibility in its roots, trunk and branches. It is a symbol for us all who dwell on the fault-lines (I am in Vancouver, BC). Super to read the 7 things – getting to know you better.
    Thank you for your constant support of art rat cafe.

    • Humm… I did not think of the math-tree relating to my fear of earthquakes, but your description of the flexibility of trees is something good to think about. Thank you!

  5. Welcome back Nancy! Good to see you, now I know I was not accidently deleting you along with the mass of extraneous emails I get from Linkedin, lol. I was wondering. I have looked in on thekalechronicles a couple of times, and enjoyed. I think the awards thingy could at least bring some traffic to participants, and for that it may be worth it.

    I feel your discomfiture at the earthquake thing. I have been through three myself, one in Hollyweird, and two in the Seattle area. Never fun, even when they are very mild! Scary at any level. Hang in there!

    • Hollyweird? LOL, oh my… glad you found me in your email as I always enjoy reading your comments. Happy Knotting!


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