ATC # 253 (yet to name)

I don’t know what to call this one… lost? As in lost in the night’s slumber, caught in a dream, awaiting a kiss that may never come. I don’t know… just drawn in one of those weird moods that come and go.


If you have noticed that I am not posting daily, it is because I am posting on a “whenever” basis for 2012. My goal remains the same: to complete a thousand “practice” pieces in ATC size. This is #253. I like the slower pace: no deadlines, no rules, no set post times. This fits well with some lifestyle changes coming down in 2012, when I will have less hours to sit and draw. Things like getting on a good sleep schedule so I can be awake and ready to wander out a bit more. And I need to start putting the practice to use, to make art in larger sizes. I also have a mosaic whispering on the breeze making me want to play with broken glass, if I can find a way to lay it without endangering small children. This is going to be a good year.

Thank you for viewing my art today!

PS:  speaking of not knowing what to name things,  I need a good tagline for this blog.   I like the “art + words = blog”  but it doesn’t really describe this thing… maybe I should put something short and sweet in the brackets instead of “temporary tagline”?  Any ideas?


6 Responses

  1. Why don’t you just use your “About” tag line: “I like to color and play with broken glass.” Or some variation on that, like “I still like to color.”

  2. I choose “life and art: 1000 practice drawings” to include artistic variations from the colored pencils (graphite, ink, soft pastels, etc.) and the life part covers my word ramblings.

  3. I like, Nancy! It works.

    I have begun my first attempt of a dragon! I have one wing ’bout half done. It is for a show with the theme “The Year Of The Dragon”. My dragon will be flying across the face of a full moon or on a bluff with wings outstretched with moon in back ground. I have onlly a short time to get it done, maybe ten days more, tight! WooHoo! Ever onward. It is not a juried show, oh well, I love a show with a theme.

    • Oh, what fun! Your dragon sounds wonderful. I hope you snap photos for your blog. Best of luck in the show.


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