Stir Deep

This drawing started softly, a pitter-patter of pastel color shades splashed across the waters. Then day became night and the waters churned, stirred from the depths of thought, and darker still, bringing Prismacolors as my darkest Polychromos pencil was not dark enough.

I went to the Ursuline Sister’s Motherhouse yesterday to take an exercise class in their warm water pool. It felt like heaven. I came out relaxed and renewed, in more ways than one. It is very peaceful there. I plan to go back. The winter chills me to the bone, and even with the warmer weather today melting most of the snow away, the bones complain of atmospheric changes.

I was not successful in my first attempt to quit smoking, so I am still drowning in addiction.  Yet, at the same time, I do not feel that this attempt was a complete failure.

I have successfully reduced my dependence on nicotine by 50% and gained an awareness of the tobacco industries unfair manipulation of a natural product by freebasing the nicotine to increase addictive levels, therefore increasing sales to fewer consumers.  I now know what I am dealing with.  In other words, I have not quit on my quit… but I am giving myself a break, taking it from a different angle, and not expecting immediate results.


3 Responses

  1. I love these deep and muted/mixed blues. Blues don’t make me blue, they resonate with me. Good for you for the swimming in warm water and for the fifty percent cut in smoking. You should already have a little pocket money and a taste of some things to spend it on. Keep on keeping on.

    • Thanks Sharyn! Oh, I do like the extra pocket change so it is a good incentive to free up more cash that would otherwise go up in smoke.

  2. Yea! 50% is good! It is wonderful! It took me three tries over many years to get there, and in the last year before making it, I cut my use progressivly more and more till I was smoking average less than 5 smokes a day. When I got to that moment after a conversation with my Dr about COPD I left his office, had one more smoke, got home and just didn’t want them any more. I couldn’t have made that choice if I had not cut my use so drastically, bet on it! So I am happy for that 50%, very happy. I also am fond of blues, and have a tendancy to like more muted rich jewell tones vs brilliant jangling jagged blues.
    I need to do the swimming thing, also.


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