Art for Saturday, drawn and posted on the Saturday.
What shall I do this day called Saturday?
It is already late afternoon, daylight fading.

Once upon a time ago, Saturday was date night.
Women, with naught to do, washed their hair.
I could try out that new shampoo.

I’m just bored… can you tell?

Thank you for viewing my art!


5 Responses

  1. Kind of creepy, but oh so vivid. What was your state of mind when you created this, I wonder?

    • I have to smile Monica, as you picked up on the undercurrent beneath my explaination of “bored” for this drawing. I was thinking of new relationships, the desire for companionship tempered by fear of the unknown as things may not be as they seem, hence the angled horizon with the yellow sun, etc. Thanks for asking!

  2. Haha! Love it! Love the art, love the poem, not sure of the sentiment. So know the feeling, and can’t count the bottles of shampoo Saturdays have seen. Speaking of desire for companionship, I know that feeling also, but not so sure about the complications of relationships. Today, I had a guy request my acceptance of him on my Yahoo Messenger. I was bored so I started talking to him, before the conversation was drawn to end by my having to go somewhere, he was telling me he wanted to take care of me and my (adult) children. His english was not so good, and I could not be sure if he was a bit simple or perhaps an immigrant. Why can’t I find someone like that close by? Not that my (adult)children need caring for, but me….I have never been “cared for”. He lives in Illinois, me in Washington state. That is too many degrees of separation. Lol.

  3. By the way, he wasn’t bad looking and 6 years younger than me, lol

  4. Oh, be careful, Cili… there are men out there who will tell you what they think women want to hear and not just online. A man just tried to snow my daughter coming off like some shiny knight wanting make all her dreams come true, she’ll never have to worry about anything, he’s got a good job, wants to take care of her, yadda yadda nonsense, talking about marrying her and wanting to move in with her like yesterday. She picked up on some inconsistancies in his stories, many things that did not ring true, and some things she knew were flat out lies. I tried to run a background check on him, but his name sounds generic, way too common to isolate… but toss in his age and there is not a single person his age with that name in his entire state. But even that was a lie… to test him, she asked what year he was born because if you are going to lie about your age, you should be smart enough to know what year you would have been born in… the year he gave makes him two years older than he claims to be. We don’t even know if his name is real… I told her that she’s going to have to do what I did when she was a teenager, meet someone new, ask for ID before she goes out with them. Yeah, since her dad wasn’t around to harass her dates, I wanted a photocopy of her date’s drivers license and proof of insurance if they wanted to drive her anywhere. The thing is… you never know. There are some good guys out there, too. Maybe you’ll meet someone in a coffee shop or at an art opening?


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