I don’t know what this is, it feels like something hiding, like a lump in a breast or a seed pretending to be dormant deep in the fertile earth. The darks are a blend of complimentary colors, green and shades of red.

Some things just seem to go together, like salt and pepper, and some things go together in surprisingly delightful ways. I recently discovered how wonderful the flavors of peanut butter and coffee combine in my mouth. Not stirred together or anything gross, just savoring sips of hot coffee while slowly eating something with peanut butter. Last night for my supper, I made a cup of coffee and spread crunchy peanut butter on a toasted heel from a loaf of Italian bread. It was fabulous, so simple and yet so grand. This may replace my Number One Favorite flavor savor combination: little nibble sticks of cold sharp cheddar eaten with hot buttered corn, bit of this and a bite of that, combining flavors in the mouth.

Playing with the pencils, I’m seeking colors that go together in surprising ways, bit of this and a bit of that, combining colors on the paper. Red and green are no surprise… opposite colors create neutrals, but different shades of green or different shades of red create variations.

I found my color wheel.  It disappeared out of the sleeve thing that it came in at least 13 years and three or four moves ago (trying to recall the last time I saw it) and lo and behold, it just magically reappeared in the most unlikely place: tucked in a box of photographs that I packed to move here.   I haven’t really used it since I was in college, but it might be fun to refresh my memory and play with a color wheel again.

Happy Monday! Thank you for viewing my art today!


2 Responses

  1. My Dad used to cut pieces of extra sharp cheddar and put them in a big bowl of popcorn: the combination is fantastic, better than any popcorn concoction I’ve tried. He also made “orange and lemon,” taking one can frozen lemonade and combining it with one can of orange juice. I liked it better than either juice alone.

    • Oh yummy… your dad’s combo makes me wish I could eat popcorn again.


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