Color Play Art, Goodbye to an old friend.

Playing with color, reaching for pencils that are still quite long.

It has been a strange day.  I drew this before I heard round about that an old friend had died.

I still don’t know how or why since the message was relayed via our child without details, just his name and something about calling hours at the bar.  I called my sister (no answer) and called my ex (voice mail) and then looked it up online, read the obit in the Salem News.  I glanced at the clock, too late to go… his Memorial was held at the Amvet’s at 1 pm Monday.

My mind wanders back, 1982?

Buck setting me up on a date with his daddy… old man Brown.  I went along with it just to make the old guy smile, so his buddies could see him out with a sweet young thing.  Yeah right.  We walked down to the bar and I spent the “date” shooting pool with his daughter, all totally innocent on a summer afternoon.  I was home before dark.

Buck used to come by to play canasta when we lived on Broadway.  Donny, the boy I later married, was really bashful when he first met me.  He’d come in during a canasta game, accept a beer but refuse to sit down, get all flustered and leave quick, never stayed more than a few minutes.   Buck tried to arrange for me to go out with Donny, even though he knew that I was seeing someone else.

Yeah, he came by with Donny one day and asked me if I’d go down to the bar to have a drink with them.  I said okay… but before we walked out the door, my boyfriend walked in and said, “come on, let’s go down to the Colonial.”  Donny declined… I did not know it then, but that was supposed to be our first date.  It never occurred to me because I was seeing Dave and everyone knew that.  I thought of Buck as a friend, Donny as a friend of my friends as everyone knew everybody in the neighborhood. Broadway was like canasta central, games going on every night, all sorts of people coming by to play.

I can’t remember his wife’s name.  I can see her in my head, a pretty little woman with big beautiful hair, looked just like country western music star.  I always wondered what she saw in Buck.  I can hear her laughter and kind of a Dolly Parton accent in her voice, even remember the layout of her living room.  I think they were divorced, on and off or something, sometimes together and sometimes not.  She was the mother of his boys.

So many people come and gone… Roger, Jerry, Jim, Teresa, Gene’s wife, what was her name? Oh gosh… who else am I forgetting?  Accidents, suicide, cancer… or moved away and lost touch.  Donny does not handle deaths very well, drinks until he passes out so I did not expect him to return my call.  All his friends from years ago are dying off, who’s left?  Alan?

Buck was 51 years old.  Raise a glass for an old friend… may he rest in peace, or better yet… rack em up and shoot a game of heavenly pool with your daddy.  And peace to your family.


6 Responses

  1. Buck sounds like a good guy. Sorry for the loss of your old friend. You’ve got some nice memories to hold on to.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss, Nancy, and that you missed the service, had you wanted to go.

  4. Thank you all, for your kind words.

  5. Hi Nancy, sorry to hear about your old friend passing. Thaks for sharing some of your memories of him with us.

    • Thanks, it is kind of sad but good to remember.


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