Fracking Deep

It is getting fracking deep around here and it has got me seeing red.

Thanks to the Marcellus Shale project and yet another earthquake (2.1 mag on Friday the 13th, same location) blamed on injection wells, some locals here around Yo’stown have learned an alternative word to politely replace that four letter F word. Or at least, this crazy bus lady has adopted “frack” over my usual “frik” and people who usually say “fudge” or “freak” or “fiddlesticks” now have a new word to add to their vocabulary.

Someone, who I don’t have the foggiest idea of who they are, asked my neighbor when she was on the WRTA yesterday if I was okay since they have not seen me on the bus lately.

They miss me?  Oh wow.  🙂   And I am thinking no one pays me no nevermind.

I don’t go out much in the winter. My bones can’t take the cold. I also have this major aversion thing to falling down. Winter travel is planned with an eye on the weather and I’m more likely to opt for the “short bus” or taxi cabs to get dropped off at the door, no need to slip and slide to a bus stop.

So why am I seeing red?  I went out shopping today, bought a pair of “yak-trax” walker things that slip over shoes to gain traction on ice and packed snow. I also got a few other things, and took a taxi home. Never fails… I come home in a taxi and someone hits me up for money.

I don’t get it… why do people assume that people who ride around in taxi cabs have spare cash?

It doesn’t make any sense, especially since some of these people own cars. Even if they drive an old beater and don’t have a car payment, they still have gas and upkeep costs. Cab fare starts out at five bucks… most everywhere I have to go is less than ten. In a month’s time, my transportation costs for taxis and bus rides adds up to less than half of what I used to pay for just automobile insurance.

Oh well. That is what was on my mind as I was drawing today’s art. I’m seriously thinking of moving out to the burbs, go where the rent is higher, even though it will cost me more.  I don’t know.  I ran into this same problem down in Salem, but down there, I had people assuming that I had spare cash because I had furniture delivered and ordered most of my clothes and hobby supplies online.  I don’t dare order anything to come UPS here… they leave packages under the mailboxes down in the lobby.   USPS comes in and drops boxes at the apartment doors, but other tenants steal them before you can get to the door.   It is pathetic.  Yes, this building has limited access and pretend security, what lot of good it does.  Cheap rent attracts tenants that spend their own spare cash on drugs.  Maybe if I go where the rent is higher, I can avoid some bull.

Thank you for viewing my art!

PS:  Yesterday, I participated in Protest SOPA by clicking a box to allow WordPress to black out my blog for 12 hours.  Of course, I am against internet piracy, but the proposed laws are like trying to kill a little bug with a big canon.


2 Responses

  1. I say ‘Frick” and “Frack” and “Fudge” and “Freak”, mostly “Freak!” Giggle, haha! And mean every word of it, now I think “Frack!” will take precedence in memorium of your “Fracking earthquakes caused by the Fracking oil shale proccesses!

    Stay as warm as you can! And on your feet!

    • Oh… I’ll try, lol. Thanks for commenting today. How’s your dragon coming along?


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