Nesting Dilemma

I was at a crossroads today, drawing my way into a nesting decision. I’ve had my eye on a rectangular “farm” table for quite some time. It is part of a collection at an online store, sold as a set or as individual pieces, and when I looked at it last night, the set was “out of stock” and the chairs were not there at all. A little birdie whispered in my ear, “if you want that table, buy it now.”

My plan was to wait to buy it until after I found someplace else to live, someplace where my odds of actually getting what I order will be greatly increased. Plus I would not have to pay to move it if I just wait to have it delivered there. But, the things I like have a tendency to be discontinued by the manufacturer. I think I have mentioned this before… Oneida’s Tribecca flatware pattern, Corelle’s Black Iris everyday dishes, etc. So, after debating all day, I went ahead and ordered it.

Hopefully, it will arrive okay. I’ll feel better once I get a shipping notice, tracking dates and all that fun stuff. There is a part of me that is waiting on that notice as confirmation that I really bought it as I learned when I ordered a headboard from a furniture store that payment does not guarantee product availability. Yes, the store refunded my money weeks later, claiming the mold for the lion head castings broke so Elliott Designs discontinued the line. It took years to find another iron headboard to suited my fancy. I don’t want to spend years searching for another table.

It is not a fancy piece… sturdy wood, heavy turned legs, not high-end or anything. It will be a good work table. I gave my last work table away, then missed it terribly. Well, it kind of looked like crap even after sanding down the top and painting the previously painted purple bottom a horrid black. I wasn’t happy with the paint choice; the black was not black enough. I still have the work chair that I painted to match. I should strip that thing down come Spring, do it over again with a better paint.

I’m thinking about sewing, too. Thinking about making cushion covers, things I can peel off and toss in a washer if/when the grandkids get messy, change the feel of the room by making the couch bright and colorful for Spring.

I think Winter is getting to me. We are waiting on the “big event” tonight: 3 to 6 inches of snow before morning. Yeah… good time to hibernate and make stuff.

Thank you for viewing my art!


11 Responses

  1. You’re expecting snow? I’m expecting rain and trust me, the folks around here can’t drive in the rain. Love the birdhouse picture. Pretty colors. Hope your table arrives asap!

    • Oh, we got snow. Then we got rain. It’s the slushy mix that folks can’t drive in around here. Thanks Monica!

  2. Your table sounds wonderful. I know you’ll enjoy it because it’s what you want. How’s the snow? It was supposed to get down to 1Celius but I don’t know if it did. It was pretty cold, relatively speaking, when I got up an hour ago. Hope your table arrived safe and sound.

    • Oh my, 1C is almost cold enough to snow. I always thought your region was very warm, imagined tropical winters. I’m happy when snow melts away, but my granddaughter loves it. Yes, I hope the table meets expectations. It should be here next week. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yay, so glad you got it! Sounds like it was the right decision 🙂

  4. Love the little birdhouse! It reminds me of the feeding stations by our senior center where I eat lunch three days a week, they keep full, and they are positioned by the windows so all us old folk can enjoy our fine feathered friends getting their lunch on with us! Lol.

    Wow, the table sounds awesome, a nice chunky table is so good for working on. Good luck with it’s safe arrival!!!

    We are supposed to have a “big event” tonight ourselves…5-6 inches! We already got 6″ about 5 days ago, and that is rough enough to live with! Arrgh!

    • Sounds like you’ll be snowed in for a bit… come on Spring! I think it will be an ideal work table, heavy and sturdy, and cheap enough that I won’t mind when the top starts looking like a work table. Thanks for your comments!

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    • Oh wow… nuts in the freezer, eh? Spam control must be on defrost as wth does that have to do with price of beans in Nebraska?


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