Winter Waves & Thunder (two for Tuesday art + words)

Soft Winter Waves, and… now for the Thunder…

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am coloring, but not posting. I’ve been avoiding this machine, letting email pile up by the hundreds and debating about dropping the social medias, like facebook and twitter, because I don’t use google+, don’t care for the new timeline thing on facebook, and twitter has some censorship issues going on.

If I drop facebook, then I would have to pick up a phone or write letters (snail or email) to old friends from years ago instead of writing a brief one liner hello on their page or leaving a comment on their photos or posts now and then. That sounds bad, but it is honest. I suppose it doesn’t say much for the friendship when your main means of communication is facebook. Still, it is nice to keep in touch. Or, pretend to keep in touch.

As for twitter, I don’t tweet much… oh, this is set to auto-tweet when I post new art here, but other than that… I’m not much of a tweeter. I do like the ability to click on twitter to find out something, like when we had that earthquake and I was curious to know what the mag was. The information was on twitter before it hit the local news websites.

Maybe I’m just going through my winter slump, but it hasn’t really felt like winter. Usually, I am royally sick of snow by now, counting the days down to my favorite holiday, when live or dead stuffed rodents paraded under spotlights pretend to see their shadows and thus predict another six weeks before Spring. The weather here has been topsy-turvy, cold one day and warm the next. We’ve had more rain than snow, so when I heard thunder on Sunday, I pulled back the curtain expecting to see a summer-style thunderstorm, but no… it was a thundersnow: a fast-moving snow storm with strong winds, thunder and lightning, and total white-out conditions. Today, I threw open the windows. At near 7 pm, temps are still in the 50s.

The sad thing is, my youngest sister turned 46 today. 
And I wrote “happy birthday” on her facebook page.

Thank you for viewing my art.


6 Responses

  1. Go back to giving yourself a deadline to post daily until you get past the winter slump/depression/whatever. Wow, she’s 46? Guess that would be right since I’m 53. The art looks good. Thundersnow is a rarity (like a winter tornado–which can and does happen, just not very often.)

    • That may just be exactly what I need to do. Thank you Jai!

  2. Sounds like a slump. But you’ll feel better when spring officially arrives.

  3. You know, I have found it increasingly hard to blog for months — I’m busier than I used to be and find it hard to make the time for it. Nice to find this old one of yours in my inbox while searching for something else.

    • Hi! Being too busy to blog is a good thing… but so good to hear from you! I have not posted on BeesATC for quite some time now, partly because I put too many constraints (art size, etc) on myself for this blog and no constraints on my other blog (barnbees) and party because I’ve been busying myself with other things, too. Best wishes! Enjoy your music and fun times.


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