Mid Milly Predicts Early Spring

Without an audience, cameras or fanfare, Millicent Midlothian wandered out into Booker’s backyard on this overcast day to forage around in the leftover Autumn leaves.   She did not see her shadow, thus predicting an early Spring for the south side of Youngstown.

I drew a quick sketch, which doesn’t do Mid Milly justice, but she is a bit shy and doesn’t like to associate with humans long enough to pose for anything.

Happy Ground Hog’s Day and thanks for viewing my art!


6 Responses

  1. Oh, Mid Milly is absolutely adorable! Punxsutawney Phil gets all the attention, but Milly handles her job quietly and with great aplomb. Good for her. Ain’t that like a woman!

    • Thank you Monica. Honestly, I don’t know the gender of the rodent we watch from our apartment window (much to the delight of my granddaughter – sure doesn’t take much to entertain us) but I figure she might be a lady since she doesn’t puffin’ up for attention like all those male ground hogs do around this holiday. 😀

  2. I know you…too well. Groundhog’s Day, for some unknown reason, is your favorite holiday. Glad you enjoyed the day.

    • Do you remember when I ran away and spent six weeks on Santa Rosa Island, then snuck back into town and knocked on your door on Halloween, how I was poorer than dirt and desperately trying to find a job? That was a long winter. When Soph hired me, my first day was Feb. 2nd. That was the first of “good things” to happen on Groundhog’s Day. It’s Hope Day. No matter how long and cold and destitute the winter seems, Feb. 2nd is halfway in-between, six weeks down and six to go… and be it a cloudy day brings even more hope. Love you sis!

  3. I have no clue whether we have any ground hogs ’round here. Lol. Lucky you to have one to watch with your granddaughter!

    • Hummm… I don’t know… maybe they get chased back east by prairie dogs? We sure have a lot around here, mostly in the country, but a few live in the cities. Some people eat them. I can’t tell you what they taste like because I opted for Cheerios…


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