Fade to Shade

I pushed the button to turn on this machine tonight while talking to my sister on the phone and Jai asked me, “what’s that noise? It sounds like grandpa’s 8mm film projector.”

What it is, is the sound of this machine dying. I suppose my next big purchase may be a little laptop.  It might take a while because I quit using plastic a few years ago, or at least the credit type of plastic money. It’s like living life, “look ma, no hands!”  At first, it is a little scary to go without a line of credit available with the slide of a card but after a while, it is totally okay.  There are no after Christmas bills to roll in, no interest due for spending your own money, and people who spend cash tend to think twice about their purchases.  I do more comparison shopping, take my time to decide.  Even if I have the cash in my pocket or available via debit card or one of those pre-paid disposable logo cards, I tend to make wiser decisions.

I am curious about things like netbook and tablet PCs, like what exactly can you do with them?  Can you blog?  Upload photos?  Scan stuff to it? Write stuff in WORD?  Send stuff out to printers?

Perhaps I should start shopping now and ask a zillion questions before the shades come down on this PC.

Thank you for viewing my art today!


6 Responses

  1. What a wild shade, Nancy. I know nothing about the newer computers. What I have is a Mac mini that my brother got for me because it is known to be reliable and small enough to take in to a shop if it ever needs a repair.

    • I’ve never tried any of the Apple products. It’s nice to know the Mac mini is reliable. Thanks!

  2. Not that I’m old or anything, but I’m more concerned about the potential fire hazard of the stupid thing you’ve got now. Please, get your info backed up on flash drives while you can and remember: if it starts smoking or bursts into flame, UNPLUG the damn thing first. I’d keep a coffee can full of flour nearby for dousing purposes, if necessary…and maybe a big thick blanket to smother it. Anything in 2012 that sounds like an 8mm projector from the 1960s has a problem. I don’t care if you wish to take your time in selecting a new toy…but I do want you to live long enough to enjoy it. Love, Your Sister

    • It’s a little fan in there… as long as I hear it twirling around, it is not going to overheat or burst into flames. If it just smells hot, I’ll chuck it out the window. (Most computer fires were caused by bad batteries… like that battery I pulled off that laptop when it made crackling sounds. This machine doesn’t have anything like that inside.) 😀

  3. I have a couple of friends with the small laptops, and they seem to do most anything they want with them, they are artists themselves. So I think you would be happy enough. I checked them out some when I was searching for my laptop. I found that the small keyboard made me feel a bit claustrophobic so I opted for the next size up. I am happy I did, the keyboard is more standard in size. I still think the smaller one would make me cramp up or something. Lol.

    I just checked out the links on the right, funny I had not looked over there for a while. I went to the Cafepress site, saw your magnets and shot glasses, cool. Sell much? Also see my link in the blog roll, thank you sweet lady!

    • I’ve wondered how it would feel to type on those little ones. I had a laptop years ago (great machine, bad battery) and used it until I wore the letters off the common keys and actually popped a couple off, then upgraded to this HP desk thing. I’m thinking go small as my next place may be smaller, then I can off this huge L-shaped desk.

      As for Cafepress… the last time I logged in there to add new art, which was months ago, my sales were still at zero. Still, I should get it caught up to date… at least add my favorites. I’d love to collect the ornaments, but I cannot afford to buy my own art. Eh, maybe if I order three at a time.


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