Pig Skin

There is some kind of game today. Yes, I know it is the Super Bowl, but I can’t even tell you who is playing.  I know it is not the Browns or the Steelers or else the locals would be going crazy. I never understood football.  It’s some macho territorial thing, something about yards and plays and they get six points for a touchdown, rah-rah, knock each other down.  (Other games, like basketball or hockey, make more sense.)  I also know that a football is sometimes called a pigskin, but that is not the kind of pig skin that I had in mind while working on this drawing.  This is an artistic pig skin as in stubborn determination, being thick-skinned, a bit of an emotional shell, but not too hard.  It is more like the hard candy coating on a M&M so it will melt in your mouth but not in your hands.  It is a do it anyway.

I think one of the reasons that I quit showing my paintings years ago, which eventually lead to a “why bother” attitude coming on as slowly as it took for the paints to dry in the tubes, was because the people I cared about did not care about my art.  Artists are like fanatic pet owners with “love me, love my dog” bumper stickers but substitute ART for the word DOG.  We put so much of ourselves into our work that rejection feels personal.  If you don’t like my art, then you don’t like me.  Who cares if a stranger doesn’t like it… but when your significant other, your siblings (not you Jai), friends and family, whatever give you the yeah-yeah roll their eyes brush-off and/or don’t bother to even look at it or worse yet, tell you that making art is a colossal waste of time, then being a little pig skinned is beneficial.

I suppose this applies to any kind of creative endeavors, from poets to writers, bloggers and videographers, anyone who pours their heart and soul into making something.

Do it anyway.

If those words, the “do it anyway” sound familiar, there is a poem by that name… Dr. Kent Keith wrote the original version.  Mother Teresa, perhaps misquoting from memory or by modifying the words to apply to her own situation, wrote her version on a wall in Calcutta.  Both versions can be found here.

Well, football fans… enjoy your game.  I’m going to sew pillows today, then maybe channel surf for a movie.  Thank you for viewing my art!


10 Responses

  1. If you ask me, Super Bowl is a great time to run errands, do shopping, go for a drive. The streets are eerily empty! I love it. Wish we had days like this once a month.

    • Oh, I’m right there with you… best time to shop.

  2. HaHa! Funny. Me, I am using the time to play catchup on my emails. My Granddaughter just came in my room and I had been flicking through the channels and somehow allowed the cartoon Bob’s Burgers to be on, now I am stuck listening to it cause she wanted to watch. I am so not into the contemorary cartoons. Most of them are garbage, well the more adult ones anyway. And some of the kid ones too! And to think I used to enjoy them….was a Saturday morning cartoon junkie! Now….not so much.

    • Yes, cartoons sure have changed since the days of Rocky & Bullwinkle. My granddaughter’s favorite is – surprise – Strawberry Shortcake! (Her mom buys the dvds.) She also like Curious George. (It’s on PBS.)

  3. Love the art, really get the stubborn pigskinned attitude from the eye.

  4. Aah this one is lovely!

  5. Love the artwork and the comparison of pigskin to attitude. Mine still needs some work (my pigskin shell, that is) and anymore, I don’t share my artwork with family. I couldn’t create for a month after one of them told me not to worry, I’d probably be famous when I’m dead…yegads!

    • Oh geez… those little words can cut like daggars, chip shells and echo around forever. (The “colossal waste of time” is a direct quote.) Thanks for liking my art!


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