Topsy & Rods

I have two for you today because I lost track of time and did not post yesterday.  Did I post the day before?  (What day is it?) No, that was the day I had a doctor’s appointment two bus rides north.  I did not get home until late because I got off the bus near the drugstore and my legs went out on me.  There was no way that I could walk back to the bus stop so I took a taxi home, talked to my sister on the phone for a bit, colored while watching RINGER, then curled up with a book just to take my mind off things.

This first one is ATC #276 drawn on Wednesday.  I call it “Topsy” because I did not decide which side was “up” until it was finished.  And below is ATC #275 drawn on Tuesday.  It was practice for the Three of Rods. Or whatever you want to call it… some call them staffs or staves or something.  I like Rod.


I am having a bit of fun drawing tarot cards, partly because they are a larger size and partly because they are not copied from other people’s work.  We were talking about that one day, my sister and I, of what to DO with them if I draw the whole set.   Since I love miniatures, one idea was to make mini sets in 1:12 dollhouse scale, professionally printed using images of the work.  Of course, I was curious to see if anyone is doing that, so I looked on ebay and etsy.  What I found was shocking… people selling copyrighted images shrunk down to dollhouse miniature size… not just mini sets of tarot cards (which Jai says the copyright may have expired), but obviously snagged off the internet images of famous paintings, periodicals, commercial art, etc.  Re-sizing art is NOT creating art.   Whatever happened to ethics?  If you are going to reproduce and sell art… it better damn well be your own.

Well, here’s two more of my tarot drawings… I think I’ll enter “The Moon” on the EBSQ exhibit because I really like the sky.   It reminds me of loosely drawn maze puzzle.   Yes, it is not an optical illusion… my moon is not exactly round.    Jai suggested the crossroads, but I drew it more as a fork in the road, where one must make a decision as to which way to go.


Thank you for viewing my art!


4 Responses

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  2. Wow, talk about a prolific post! I am so used to one picture per post for the most part. It was fun seeing more together, in a subject grouping. Of course you have your monthly archival pages that you put together and post for us. That is different.

    All inn all I loved each one! Very smooth shading and rich colors in “Topsy”! The two pics of the “Three of Rods” are very good representations of that card’s spirit. I like it both ways, with the mountains, and with them seemingly levitating above ground. The one showing the Moon is truer than most would be aware. The moon is not perfectly round in reality. So, good going! Brava!

    • Oh, it is good to do something different now and then to shake things up. 😀

      Thanks for commenting and your kind words. I thinking of entering a couple in the EBSQ February “Tarot” exhibit.

  3. My personal guide is Tarot – I collect decks and am a student of ‘reading’. You are creating your own deck which is a huge enterprise, I’ve often thought about doing this but need to understand the cards so much more before attempting it. Your Moon is very, very powerful and beautifully rendered. I agree with cilipower about the Three of Wands, they both work, however, I personally am attracted to the floaters. What is EBSQ and did you enter cards in the exhibit?


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