Hat Head

No rambling words today, just some art gone bad… I should have stopped and called it done before picking up a pencil that had a mind of its own as it doodled a beard on his lady friend. My only recourse was to ink her out with a Sharpie marker, which looked really stupid so I went over it a few times to give it some texture. One for the trash bin? Nah. My art in this size is just practice and not every piece is a home run. If artists kept tally like baseball players, I may not be even bat a hundred, but I do so enjoy it and once in a while, I hit one out of the field. Thank you for viewing my art!


6 Responses

  1. I think this one is charming. No one would know about the boo-boo if you hadn’t confessed. Good save.

  2. What is wrong with you? You’ve never heard of a bearded lady? It happens. Maybe your pencil was trying to celebrate people’s differences! LOL. It looks good, whether you think so or not.

    • Yeah… I’ve seen a few bearded ladies in my day, wondered how they could stand those long straggly chin hairs but I suppose there are those who feel the same way about women with leg hair. I tried to draw her again… that will post tomorrow. 😀 Thanks!

  3. Verrrry interrresting! (my written attmept at rolling my r’s) Yes, celebrate the differences, the “I am the center of my universness!” :-}

    • Thank you Cili… I like that “I am the center of my universness!”


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