Hat Head’s Lady

I couldn’t walk away from my desk without giving another attempt of drawing Hat Head’s lady friend and darn that same pencil, it gave her a beard again!

After staring at her while asking myself why, I checked my own chin for stray eyelashes. No, not one little whisker. I am not growing a beard, so why am I drawing bearded ladies? This will not do! I almost reached for a Sharpie marker, but picked up a cold gray pencil and drew in a veil, wrapped her huge head and topped it with a big bad wig. There. That’s it… I’m not drawing her again.

Happy Thursday! Thanks for viewing my art!


4 Responses

  1. Look at that grass, the sky, that crazy hair. Beautiful colors.

  2. Tha smooth shading, the lovely sky with sweet whispy clouds…..

    • Yeah… I like parts of it, too. 😀


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