Happy Presents… uh, President’s Day

I’ve been off-blog enjoying a long holiday weekend. Today, in the United States, we celebrate President’s Day, which is generally a postal and banking holiday unless you happen to a grandmother who doesn’t want to disappoint a three-year old after she takes the ID out of President.

It is kind of funny.  After telling her that Monday was President’s Day, her eyes lit up and she asked, “For Me?”
So I said, “well yeah, President’s Day is for everyone.”
Then she ran to her mother. “Mommy, Monday is Present’s Day!”

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Presents… uh, President’s Day!
Thank you for viewing my art! This was a fun practice with muted shades for the background.


2 Responses

  1. Present’s Day! That is so cute! I love the picture, looks like it would make a nice birthday card.The present looks nice but it’s the background and its gradual change of color, that pops out. Nice!

  2. Yes, I can imagine the muted variation of color of the background on a card, prehaps with the present (or whatever) layered on top in cut papers instead of drawn. Thanks Monica! You give me ideas. I’ll have to practice this technique more often.


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