Crack the Night


This is one of the three pieces drawn while at the old place. (Yesterday’s was before evil arrived.)  I used a textured paper, which adds dots of light as it is not as smooth as bristol or my beloved cotton, and my new Faber-Castell Polychromos.   Yes, I bought a new set… not the full set, just a small set, the anniversary set of 25.   And all my analysis comparing brands of pencils flew out the window.

The new set does not color the same as my old set, even though they are the exact same brand and type of pencil.   I have discovered that my old set is… well, best word to describe them is OLD.   They were purchased years ago off a clearance rack so who knows, they may have already been a few years out of the factory back then.   The main difference between the old Polychromos and the brand new Polychromos (besides the color/number system update by Faber-Castell years ago) is how they blend.  They blend.  Actually blend.  Burnishing is possible.  They almost reminds me of the way wax-based Prismacolor pencils blend.  I can use white on top of color, layer light over dark, and blend.  My old ones don’t do that, at least not very well.  They blend more by illusion, by layering color on top of color, slowly building layer upon thin layer over and over again to achieve the illusion of blending.  And more often than not, progressively dark over lights.  So, this is like a totally new ball game.  Scratch the idea of trying to buy up colors I lack… time to build the full set of all new, few at a time as I lack the funds to just buy the full set at once.  Unless of course, I say bump other necessities to the back of the list (things like appliances to do laundry and fabric for drapes for this new place, etc.)  The only thing I can figure about the old set is the fact that those pencils are old.  They are oil based, so maybe the oil has dried out a bit?  They seem to be a tad harder, points last longer and draw a crisper line.  And they are still very usable and quite wonderful so if you ever have an opportunity to buy old Polychromos at a yard sale or wherever, by all means, snatch them up.

I suppose I should tell you about my new place.   It is half of a brick side-by-side duplex built on a slab on the edge of a community of other identical one story duplex buildings.  It kind of reminds me of little cabins at a campground or lake, perhaps because of how they are placed amongst the tall pines and there are campground type things around here… a volleyball net set up in the grass behind one building, a fire pit in a clearing where neighbors like to hang out, and sometimes they play a ring toss game (kind of like horseshoes) or chess at an outdoor table with a faded painted on game board, etc.  Or, maybe it is the windows as they are short and wide, tilt out like windows in cabins sometimes do.  Each side of every duplex has its own porch – perfect place to draw – and there are other artists who live here, including another colored pencil artist, so I feel right at home here.

Inside, I have the usual – living room, kitchen, bath, laundry area, and two bedrooms.  Or, in my case, one bedroom and one work room.   I was going to call it an office since my huge L-shaped desk is in there… but the only phone jack is on the kitchen wall so my computer is now on a little cart around the corner from the kitchen so I don’t have cords crossing walk paths or doorways. (Drats! My PC is not wi-fi, so my “wireless” internet requires a very visible cord.  But, I’m ready if I ever buy any wi-fi devices.)  So, I cannot multi-task as before… no internet while watching television, etc.  (Okay, so I’m an oddball… no TV in the living room.)  So, the work room shall be a work room for mosaics, leather work, beading, sewing, etc.  It is so not set up yet.

I’m also spending more time outside than I have in years… that is such a good thing.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and viewing my art today!

Now I’m off to catch up on my blog reading… thunder rolls in the distance, so I don’t know how much time I’ll have before I have to unplug this thing.  Yeah… one of the cabin vibes: not all outlets accept 3-prong plugs so even though I am using a good power strip, I’m not exactly grounded.  At least not properly.


6 Responses

  1. I’m guessing from these hues that evil had entered the building when you drew this one. How lovely to have the company of artists and fresh air and pine trees.

    • Yes, it was drawn on a night of shadows. Thanks for commenting! I do think I shall like it here.

  2. Well, your place sounds cozy, with just a few little hiccups. But, I bet you’ll get used to it in no time, and it’ll feel like home. 🙂

    • Hiccups are good when the solutions improves life. 🙂 Thanks for your comments!

  3. That’s definitely one of the heaviest drawings I’ve seen from you – expresses your feeling perfectly. Your new place sounds funky and full of creative promise – happy for you…

    • Thank you! Once in a while, the pencils hit the emotional mark dead on. Yes, I really like my new place, especially since I’m not the only artist here.


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