I was accused of hiding in my shell.   “Too scared to leave her apartment” were the actual words used to describe me by the raspy voiced “you know I like my weed but we can’t be having this” old stoner in her quest to get a newbie tenant evicted from the building, which was a bit ironic as I was not home on the day that she had her little chat with the landlord.       My comings and goings had not changed one iota, but she was making up stuff about everybody, telling lies to achieve her objective.  So, that is the story behind today’s art, the last piece drawn at the old place.

Tomorrow’s art will start anew with the first ATC made in Struthers.  I am slowly getting back in the groove of coloring daily, at least on the sunny days when it is too nice to stay inside with all those boxes waiting to be unpacked.

Oh, I am about down to the work room.  All the main rooms are set up now, sans art as I don’t know what painting wants hung where yet.  (As if the walls will tell me.)  I still need to hang drapes OR make/remodel drapes, as the idea of hanging long curtains on short windows sounds ridiculous to me.  I measured: four windows are ye about 48 inches wide by 30 inches high, two are short with a normal width, and two are wide and long, so all windows require custom drapes to avoid looking stupid.  I might just hang crinkle sheers with a satin ribbon stripe on the two long windows in the living room to let in as much light as possible for the summer.  All have mini-blinds that need adjusted.  Perhaps some people can live with a thick stack of excess blinds waiting to be accidentally released to drop down the wall half crooked, but it is so easy to customize the length to look so much neater.   Some days, I am my mother’s daughter.

Thank you for viewing my art today!


2 Responses

  1. You’d love my room, Nancy (not): I have two casement windows with long drapes. They just hang in front of one. At the other window, where my desk is placed for the bay view, there is no room for the curtain, so I just took it down. The bottom half of the opposing curtain rests on the back of the love seat because it won’t fit between the sill and the wall. Maybe one day I’ll draw a picture of it.

    • Odds are that I’d be so mesmerized by the bay view that I would not notice your curtains. 🙂


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