Yes, I lost a bit of my mind and could not leave well enough alone.  Did the sky look too “normal”?  Something possessed me to go back in, to draw something dark and looming over the otherwise calm and peaceful sky.  Are those intestines?  Certainly not!  It could be a cliff hanger, an anvil cloud, dragged into the scene by a strange cord.

The problem is, you see… I was unhappy with the paper.  I colored too hard on that side of the sky and dent shined the paper trying to come back in with light gray and white to pretty up a fluffy cloud. Bristol can only take so many layers.  That’s why it is cheaper than my beloved cotton.  Maybe not.  But I was tempted to scribble out the whole thing when I picked up a dark pencil.

Thank you for viewing my art today!


6 Responses

  1. It’s intriguing!

  2. I think my first thought was, “a lumpy snake critter hanging on a tree”? Heh, heh. I really don’t try to second guess what I see here, impressions do come, mainly I just enjoy!

    • One of my neighbors thought it looked like intestines on a brick… I just color, glad you can enjoy! 🙂

  3. Powerful framing – love it…


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