I am shopping for appliances today.  Wish me luck.

Here is the problem:  I need to find something that will fit in the tiny space allotted for a washer and clothes dryer at the end of a 47 inch wide interior hallway off the kitchen.  The water lines and drain tube are located in the left corner, but if a washing machine is placed directly in front of the drain tube, it will extend past the bathroom doorway, so machines must go to the right of the tube.  That means that there is only 43 inches of available width and I still need to watch the depth and stay as close possible to 23 inches to maintain access to the bathroom.  The only outlet in the laundry space is the 220V for a dryer, so the washer will need at least an 8 foot cord to reach the nearest 110V outlet over on the kitchen wall, if the washer is located right next to the drain tube.  Going up (as in stacking appliances) is not an option because there are overhead cabinets. Venting a dryer is another issue because there is no vent access, but I’ve been told that there is some kind of interior vent kit gadget to filter the exhaust into a water filled tub thing.  I’ll have to look into that.  Relocating plumbing or electrical outlets, removing cabinets, or adding an outdoor vent to an interior wall are all out of the equation because this is a rental property.

But, I am not out of options.  The allotted laundry space may be too small for two machines, but the allotted space for an apartment size refrigerator (narrow with overhead cabinets) is located right next to the sink and it has 110V outlets.  (In case you are wondering, they put a new full-size fridge on another wall so it extends into the space where a table and chair set would logically go for an eat-in kitchen, but it works out just fine because my counter height shaker table with two tuck-under stools made the perfect work island centered in the room with the fridge on one side, stove and counter on the other, and my table is used only for a dining table when I have company so it is fine set off to the side in the larger living room.)  So… I could buy a compact washing machine for in the laundry area and put a compact size 110V clothes dryer in the refrigerator spot OR buy a portable washing machine that hooks up at the sink and put it in the fridge spot and put a not extremely huge 220V dryer in the laundry area.   For either option, whatever I find for a washer will determine what I need to find for a dryer.

I want to buy local, so wish me luck… hopefully, water will be flowing down that drain tube before the end of the week.  If I have to order online, delivery could take a while.

Thank you for viewing my art.  I used Faber-Castell Polychromos on 100% Hot Pressed Cotton.


8 Responses

  1. Whew! Fortunately, you have a mind that can handle these complexities. Good luck.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, my search for used appliances today was a waste of time, bus and cab fare. I’m going to let my fingers do the walking (on a keyboard) before hitting stores that sell new, Sears first as I have a 25% off coupon.

  2. Whew. My stomach is all in knots wondering if you’ll find the right appliances. I recently had to purchase a new oven and I absolutely detest shopping for appliances. So expensive, so many options, and the pressure’s on to buy the right one! Yikes.

    • Oh, I am about to pull my hair out. Online shopping is worse than slanted sales pitches in stores because I read all the reviews, including the one-star horror stories.

  3. Good luck with the next leg of your journey to find the right fitting pair. Not one I envy you. The only kind of shopping I like to do is for beads n’ stuff, lol. I don’t even like clothes shopping! Funny thing for a woman to admit, bur for real!

    • Beads?! 🙂 I could drop more cash in a bead store than any appliance store on a good day.

      • We have a place here called Bead and Agate Shop that has wonderful stone beads. Unfortunately most of the beads have holes that are so small they are difficult for me to use. I can get embroidery floss through them, but floss is not all that durable. One of these days I will be able to afford some waxed fibers that are. They do have some with a better size hole in them, which are also fortunately not the most expensive, lol. That is great for this frugal artist! I an running low on aquisitions from there in that variety though, and no shopping $ in sight. Will have to hit the Walmart cheap bead selection again, lol.

  4. Problem solved 🙂 I opted to lease a “ventless” washer/dryer combo – one machine that fits the space and does it all – just toss in dirty clothes and turn it on and they come out all done, washed AND dried. It’s one of those new-fangled electronic things that uses HE type soap. I opted to lease so if it turns out to be a worthless piece of junk, I can call them up and say come get it… I also have the option to buy it within 120 days same as cash.


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