Why is it that when I color just for the sake of coloring, losing myself in the process, familiar shapes and lines and curves, even the colors reflect something done before?  The only major difference with this one is the medium pulled my concentration, achieving familiar results in unfamiliar ways.  I so love thin layering to create the illusion of blending with oil-based Polychromos and this is burnished and blended wax-based Prismacolors on 100% hot pressed cotton, #298 on my practice a thousand journey.   Thank you for viewing my art today!


6 Responses

  1. That’s a powerful piece. To me, it looks like the leg muscle of an athlete about to do a sprint.

  2. Thank you for commenting Monica. I always like to hear your impressions.

  3. Gorgeous piece – reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe. Tell me about ‘hot pressed cotton’ – do you buy it at your art store, does it come in rolls and then do you cut it to ATC size and then glue it to the card? BTW I think I solved why I wasn’t getting notification of your posts…

    • Wow, what a compliment! Georgia O’Keeffe’s work is so fabulous, so perhaps my love of her paintings has an influence in my drawings. As for my beloved cotton, I found two 12 x 9 inch pads of Daler-Rowney “The Langton Prestige” 100% Cotton, mould made in England, extra smooth (hot pressed) 140 lb (300 gsm) Watercolour paper on clearance rack at a local store. Unfortunately, searching for this same paper online discovered that the reason it was on clearance is because they no longer make it. At least not in pads – they offer a cold pressed, but discontinued the hot. Of course, I emailed a request to sell it again, but no reply. I think they still sell their hot pressed in rolls, but that is way out of my price range. I cut my own. A 12 x 9 sheet yields 9 ATC cards plus strips for bookmarks, tiny dollhouse art, etc. This paper is stiff enough and thick enough that it does not need glued onto anything… I don’t glue backer cards on anything, although perhaps I should when using Strathmore paper as it is only 80 lb. Thanks for asking! I’m always happy to share artistic info.

      • Thank you – great information – I’m on the trail…

  4. If you find any for sale online, please let me know. I’ve thought about damping cold pressed paper and ironing it just to see if that makes the finish extra smooth, but that might be taking hot pressed too literally.


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