ATC #299


Wash at Red Moon?

I flip the card over and it is not named… why didn’t I name it?  Usually, the name comes to me while coloring, something jumps out strong or quietly whispers on the breeze and influences the pencils before the final touch.

Small confession:  I did not draw yesterday… #299 was drawn the night before, out on the porch with Prismacolor pencils on bristol, when my mind was still swirling around the laundry.

Yes, I put an end to the appliance shopping nightmare by opting to lease a machine.  If it works well and thrills me, I can pay it off in 120 days same as cash.  If it doesn’t, then oh well… I can call them to come get it.  My backup plan is a washboard and solar dryer (line and pins) as I don’t want to go through this again.   Hopefully, this snazzy wazzy high efficiency washer/dryer combo thing will exceed expectations.  I got a jug of Tide for HE machines so I’m ready to try it out as soon as they bring it in and set it up.  I really like the idea of tossing in dirty clothes and pulling them out all done, washed and dried inside just one machine.  It does NOT require any vents, so that problem is solved, too.

Oh well.  Thanks for viewing my art!

I’m kind of tickled that I’ll be drawing #300 today as that is a good number.


10 Responses

  1. Maybe you were previewing tomorrow’s solar eclipse. I like this one’s colors and shapes.

    • Oh, I shall have to google for times, etc. I was not aware of an eclipse. Thanks!

  2. Okay, I’m seeing a stormy sea with a red moon. Enchanting.

    • Thanks! My favorite part is the frothy blue in the sea.

  3. Love the effects you got with this one, kind of makes me think of night on an alien shore.
    How does a washer/dryer combo machine like that not require venting? The water has to go somewhere, is that not kind of asking for mold somewhere? I would be interested in knowing the mechanics of that machine. What make and brand is it?

    • It’s a LG (Life’s Good) brand with direct drive (instead of the typical big motor, belt and pulleys) with a faster spin cycle (1300 rpm, ye twice as fast as ordinary top loading washing machines, thus spinning out more water, less drying required) and uses some kind of condensation system for the dry cycle that does not require a vent. There is also a special cycle just to clean the machine to avoid such problems. I’ve yet to use it… still waiting on maintenance to repair that water faucet but it looks cool, kind of futuristic with the blinky lights when you push the power on button – my neighbor calls it the R2D2 machine.

      I went looking for a link and got a nice surprise – my 120 days same as cash is hundreds less than the price show there as mine is technically used… previously leased for one month. I got the silver color, if you want to peek.

      Thanks for commenting on my art! Have you ever checked out Fire Mountain Gems for beads? They sell wholesale to the public, discounts when buying multiple items or in quantity. Some of the prices are better than Wal-Mart.

  4. Fantastic – moody and mysterious…

  5. Yes, I have looked at the Fire Mt Gems beads, they area good site. I have never bought anything online, havn’t had any money to spend for stuff. I have plans to try for a Kickstarter project and then maybe I can lay in some supplies by shopping online. I have spent some time looking and pricing stuff. Walmart until then, lol.

    • Keep your eye out at yard sales, too. I’ve “recovered” some fabulous beads from old jewelry sold cheap.


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