Sweet Mind 300


Should I add this to my self-portrait series?  I see a little me in the art… but, of course, a little bit of me goes into everything I do.   This is ATC #300 in my quest to complete a thousand practice pieces.  For some reason, 300 feels like a big deal even though it is not a nice fraction towards completion.  It is more than a fourth, less than a third.

I approached this piece thinking that it needs to be planned, executed with my best materials, and should show a level of artistic maturity.  So, I started with an “under-painting” type sketch with a pale cold gray pencil, transferring what was in my head onto 100% hot pressed cotton, showing more detail in some areas and basic outlines of general shapes in others, before moving on to using my favorite Faber-Castell Polychromos.

So much for maturity in the subject matter, some would laugh… but hey, if I went too “normal” or realistic, it would not look like one of mine.  The name is “Sweet Mind 300” because “sweet” is the reaction of my neighbors who saw it while I was coloring outside yesterday and it is kind of like a mind… oh, what’s the right word? Romp, toss, roll?

Thank you for viewing my art today!


7 Responses

  1. I did an underpainting yesterday, too — using gray to get a different effect on some spinach leaves. I painted over it in two kinds of green and some red: not sure if I achieved anything with it. Watch for it in tomorrow’s “Green Smoothie” post.

    • Oh, that sounds interesting! I’ll be sure to stop by tomorrow.

  2. Sweet MInd 300 is intense! I absolutely love the textures you have achieved like silky, velvety, substantial like felt, and convoluted fleshiness. The ehe is startling, and the lips individual, and like the touch of blue hair, Just love it!

  3. The eye is startling, not ehe, lol!

  4. Congrats on the big three oh oh – quite an accomplishment. I’m always impressed at how much detail you get into an ATC – this one is special – very magical. The colours and composition are brilliant and I really like the interrelationship and fusion of human and nature.
    (For some reason Nancy I’m not receiving email notification of your new posts…?)

    • Thank you John. I really appreciate your comments as I see you as this wise old artist, well seasoned and educated far more than my limited exposure. In other words, I value your opinion of my art.


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