Thunder Spoon


Posting late again today… keep this up and fresh art will be half-baked at midnight.  🙂

Polychromos on 400 series Strathmore paper, playing heavy with the white and black pencils, waiting… forever waiting for water faucet repairs so I could try out my new “R2D2 Machine.”   Just a bit of brooding frustration drawn in?

Shortly after I hand washed clothes to wear tomorrow and tossed them in for a “drain/spin” cycle (hoping no water intake required), the maintenance man showed up and fixed it.  Yeah!  So, I’ve been doing laundry… oh so slowly doing laundry.

Yes, I have learned that “efficiency” does NOT mean fast.  I can adapt, especially since I can set it up to kick right into the dry cycle after wash… just walk away and let it do its thing, even if it takes 3 to 5 hours.  It’s not like I have piles of laundry or wash for a huge family to do… it’s okay for one person.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Sleep beckons and I don’t feel like waiting up for TWO bath towels and a handful of washrags to dry.  The estimated time reads 4:20… I think that means 4 hours and twenty minutes, but when I selected the “120 minutes”  dry cycle, it reads 1:20 – that’s 120 minutes so okay, maybe 4:20 is 420 minutes, or SEVEN hours?  They spin out of wash at high-speed, 1300 rpm, so I’m thinking they could line dry in less time.  When I am thinking about looking for a dryer to use WITH this fancy smancy bells and whistles machine, maybe I should think about buying a different washer, too.  Like a Danby modern version of the old style Hoover washers.  Now those machines were great  The Danby is a twin tub portable (wash tub and a separate high-speed extractor) so they take more human work to do the laundry… but brand new, they are only 1/4th the cost of this machine.  I’m thinking… this is a lease so I’m not locked in.

Odds are y’all are sick of hearing about my laundry woes so I shall TRY not to mention it again.  🙂  Yeah, this is an art blog, not an appliance review blog, lol. Well, I am going to take those two towels and toss them over the porch rail while I sit outside for a bit.  (Did I mention that this machine heats up the house?)  I’ll go wandering to read blogs (and comments) either later on tonight or sometime tomorrow… good night!

Thank you for viewing my art!


4 Responses

  1. I see a peacock feather… Nice!

    • Thanks! I did not see the simularity to a peacock feather until you mentioned it.

  2. Yeah, I see a peacock feather, too! And a bit o’ storminess. The R2D2 sounds a bit frustrating! I think it would be better than nothing in the winter, but maybe for the summer the old fashioned way will be a faster dry! Ye old Solar Powered, Wind Assisted, Manually Operated Clothes Dryer, heheheh. Where have I seen that before?

    • I might return it… hummm… I’ve done the solar clothes dryer thing before, but it was not as pretty as your knotted version!


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