My mind was wandering as I colored today… preoccupied with thoughts of whom to nominate (blog award post will be coming soon) as well as twirling ideas on how to solve another problem here at my new home.  No, it is not laundry woes… got that figured out.  (Keep the R2D2 Machine, add a wind assisted solar-powered dryer and, later on, pick up a small electric dryer for days when I lack patience.)  This is a bigger problem, a window problem.  And the solution is GRAND!

Dare I share?  I drew a diagram.  🙂


Yes, this is a crude side view drawing of the old cabin windows that tip out to open.   There are NO storm windows and here in Ohio, storm windows are essential to conserve heat and prevent very cold drafts in winter.  Oh, I could plastic the windows (how lovely) and cover them with insulated drapes, turn my home into a dark cave for half of the year, but there is a better solution…. a fabulous solution!   You see, the window screens (shown in gray) are on the inside, just there… sitting into a little ledge ye about flush with the window frame.  They are a royal pain because I have to remove the screen to unlock and open/close the window, then put the screen back up there.  There is not really much of anything holding them in place.  But, this pain turns out to be a blessing!

Oh, I love this place even more… do you know how hard it would be to convince a landlord to let you install stained glass windows in a low-end rental property?  The odds are practically zip… nill to one.  But, here lies the opportunity!  I could make stained glass windows to fit where the screen sits!  The existing tip out window will work as the storm window, with a nice four-inch air gap in-between.  All winter long, colorful light can dance into my rooms, then come summer again, take them out and put the screens back in.

I am so tickled with this idea that I’m just smiling all day.  Of course, some of the old tip out windows have already been replaced with modern new windows, like the two large windows in my living room are new, so I only have five windows to make.  I’ll start with one… make one for my bedroom.   That room has one old and one new window, which is kind of funky, so making a stained glass window for the tip-out in there will be a good place to start.

Can you imagine my art done in stained glass?

So yes, I was a bit distracted while coloring today.  But, I’m kind of excited, too.  If I decide to document the process, I’ll launch a little side blog just for that… then I won’t drive you all nuts!

Thank you for viewing my art!


4 Responses

  1. I’m excited to see your windows if you make them, Nancy. And I love the central section of this drawing, with the pattern of purple, green and bronze.

    • Thanks! I think we were reading each other’s blog at the same time. 🙂

  2. Stain glass would be pretty, especially when you use brilliant colors!

    • I’m thinking of greens, blues, yellow… go bright without using fire colors. Thanks!


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