Lost in May (crop art)

I’ve been lost for a few days…

FOILED FRIDAY:  I was thinking about drawing a “crop art” so I gathered my supplies, clipped a full sheet of cotton onto a board (instead of the pre-cut ATC size paper) and headed outside.  Before I could reach for a pencil, my neighbor says, “What are you doing? We are landscaping today.”


SPENT SATURDAY: Three plants in the ground, I stayed indoors and began to draw…


SULTRY SUNDAY: We got the fencing in today, and I got to work on the art some more.

MAYBE MONDAY: Happy Memorial Day… wanted to get back here but it turned into a very busy day, topped off with a text message from a sister that explains WHY people have asked me over the years, “How do you know Jimmy Buffett?” Straight up answer is, I don’t. She thinks she heard Jimmy Buffett say “thank you Nancy Barnes” at the end of a live concert that she was listening to, some 2 CD or DVD set from years ago… so for the record, if anyone has heard that and wondered… nope, not this Nancy Barnes. It must be someone else with the same name.


TOSSED TUESDAY: Another day lost in time, hours slipping away, crawling into bed worn out and exhausted. So much for daily blogging?


WEED WEDNESDAY: Came indoors late, clicked on this machine… phone rings: familiar voice that I have not heard in a long time, so we talked into the night just catching up.


REVEAL THURSDAY: Okay, so crop art is supposed to be posted one per day and revealed on the last day… supposed to have been yesterday with new art for today, but I have so messed up May.

All of the above pieces were drawn as one, chopped up into ATC size and each must stand alone as well as come back together to reform the original art. Here it is, scanned before chopping. The individuals were scanned together after chopping… light, quality of scan, and other scanner settings left the same, yet to my old eyes, scanner mess with colors as some look faded out.


On a good note, my “Our Lady” mosaic sculpture now stands inside a fenced flowerbed flanked by pink bleeding heart bushes (if they grow – we planted roots) with a climbing vine that will have purple flowers (if it grows) and maybe the organic leaf lettuce seeds planted around to help cool those roots will sprout and end up in summer salads. And June brings new beginnings. Thank you for viewing my art!


8 Responses

  1. Well, this post was worth waiting for — fun to look at.

    • Wow… thanks! I’ve felt so bad taking so long, missed wandering wordpress reading my fav blogs, too. Hopefully, I can catch up tomorrow!

  2. I like the choice of colors in the Saturday one. Nice.

  3. Love the concept of ‘crop art’ although I thought I was going to see some evidence of alien shenanigans!!! The complete image is fantastic…

  4. Sweet! Love the “whole” and the parts do stand alone well. Though, the whole picture is by far my fav. Nice hearing about the garden you folks are sharing. Wish I had the energy for some sorely needed yard work here. Had planned on getting a bit of garden in, but just have not felt up to it. Want home grown greens! Really shouldn’t be that hard to get a little going.

    • Perhaps you could try some “container” gardening, a planter of your favorite greens? I don’t know if the roots planted will grow this year, so I ended up tossing mixed annual flower seeds around to grow flowers instead of weeds. Thanks for commenting!


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