BB: Hello


When I am out and about or on the bus and catch someone watching me, I smile and/or say hello.  Some people act embarrassed, as if they got caught doing something they shouldn’t, and some people say hello back, strike up a conversation to pass the time.  Occasionally, if someone is staring at me, I ignore it.  Yeah, if the person is obviously three shades shy of insanity, it might be best to pretend not to notice.

This drawing started forming with a smile inside my head while I was watching one of those early morning shows on a day when I did not feel like jumping right out of bed. Some dude from the ACLU was talking about a released list of “watch words” that our lovely Department of Homeland Security zone in on in their constant searching for terrorists yakking on blogs, facebook, twitter, and other internet sites.

Oh yes, Big Brother is always watching… but of course, we already knew that.  What is funny is that some of the watch words are really silly and stupid:  SNOW, CLOUD, STORM, PORK, SICK, FLU, EXERCISE and all sorts of other innocent words that average people use all the time.

So the next time you feel a little strangled by the constant monitoring, smile at the nearest security camera, wave at the sky as surely a satellite is watching, and tweet a hello.

Thank you for viewing my art today!  I used Polychromos on textured watercolor paper.

PS:  I’m working on the long overdue galleries… February will post tonight, back dated to fall in place.  🙂


2 Responses

  1. Strange isn’t it – the variety of responses one gets when smiling and saying hello. But I continue to do it – it defuses awkward barriers and who knows – on the rare occasion it can lead to warm connections. I always think that we are all on a lifeboat together – if we really were would we ignore each other?…

    • Oh yes, sometimes a smile can lead to smiling all day. Thanks for commenting!


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