I just stuck my head out the door and said, “Hey, I need a name for today’s art.”
Instantaneous response: “Moses.”

Now I would think that he was just being a smarty-pants but he is the Mayor of Crescent Street, the go-to guy for anyone who has a problem in this neighborhood, and the only person in the back yard who offered a suggestion.

I thought about it for about a minute.  There is more than one Moses, a band named Moses, and of course, there was Grandma Moses.   The name Moses need not refer to THE Moses.

Maybe I should add an S to make it Mosses… trees have moss.  Night Moss?    No.  It’s day and night, night and day, night shades falling, daylight burnt.  I still can’t think of a short name that actually describes this.  Some days, such things elude me.

Oh click!  Memory of a comment made out on the porch when I finished drawing today, something about the tree standing with outstretched arms, so perhaps something about the art tapped into his Catholic roots.

Eh… let it be.  Moses.

Thank you for viewing my art today!


7 Responses

  1. Every street should have a ‘mayor’ – I really like his spontaneous title, and there IS something of the burning bush in your drawing – or maybe that’s a stretch, anyway, it’s a good one Nancy…

    • Thanks John, I forgot about burning bushes, thought maybe he saw something about the parting sea. The “mayor” is the other artist out here who is also making a flag so I’m curious to see what he comes up with.

  2. I, myself, totally agree with Clinock and The Mayor Of Crescent Street! Yes, the tree seems to have arms upraised as if in prayer to the heavens, with the semblence of a burning bush before it. I so see it!

    • Hi! I think it is grand when people see things before I do. This was one of those days when I started drawing with a blank mind, just laying down color and letting the pencils decide what comes next so the art kind of evolves into what it wants to be. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Moses is a good choice. It came from the heart. Stick with Moses and you’ll be fine. 😉

    • Yes… Moses is good. Thanks Monica!

  4. […] Moses ( […]


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