Sneak Peek: FLAGS (still prep stage)

I did not color today… or yesterday, since it is now after midnight, as I spent the day working on the flags. I’m making two for YSU’s Summer Festival of the Arts public art project using yellow plastic “canvas” supplied by Art Youngstown. Ready for a sneak peek?

Yes, I painted it bright with Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Medium, and Bismuth Yellow. The colored pencil work will be drawn on three sheets of Bristol, each with a curved bottom edged in seed bead fringe, so the colored pencil work will be shaped kind of like a lifted stage curtain over the rest of the flag. Since my best adhesive failed, I’m going to sew it on with beaded cords. Yes, it will be sealed front and back to withstand exposure to moisture as odds in Ohio, it will rain at least once during any outdoor event. Words will be added to the lower mid-section.

I painted the other one brown. Does it say “historical perspective” without using words?

I wanted it to look like ragged old, discolored paper laid on the Burnt Umber background. That heap of hemp cord on the couch behind it is an unfinished macrame project that will be re-purposed as part of this flag, whip stitched around the edges and used to hang cast brass bells off the bottom. This will be my political pet peeve flag when the words are added. It fits with the “Democracy in an election year” theme without being controversial or any of the other no-no’s for G-rated art.

Next time I snap photos, they will be all done. This is only five days in… odds are that it will take me the full month to finish them.

I get so frustrated with this life in slow motion crap, forced to do things sitting down and watching how I move, always trying to avoid pain. It just drives me nuts! But it felt so good to paint again, even with a simple plan and a limited choice of colors: just reds, yellows, and browns. Most of my old favorite paints, the oh so creamy smooth and buttery Winsor & Newton Finity Acrylics, were long discarded after drying up in the tubes. What am I thinking? I’m just dreaming. The Finity line was discontinued and I don’t even own an easel anymore.

Has anyone tried Winsor & Newton’s new line of acrylics? How do they compare to Finity?


8 Responses

  1. Love that big slab of red – kudos for courage to revisit painting. After ATCs it must be like swimming in the ocean after using a backyard paddling pool. Can’t wait to see end results…

    • Thanks, John. I had so much fun that I painted the backs just in case the wind blows and flips a glimpse of the other side.

  2. Amazing that you can get yellow plastic to look as good as that, Nancy.

    • Thanks Sharyn. Now that it is painted, it doesn’t seem so plastic.

  3. Nancy, it’s looking good! Love the color!

    • Thanks Monica! I think the red will make the colored pencil work pop.

  4. I am coming in a bit late on this project of yours. It looks like an exciting break from the usual routine. I love the vivid red one and the one with the brown border and aged paper looks awesome. I am looking forward to opening the next installment, lol.

    • Oh yes, it has been a fun alternative to the usual practice art although I got a little OCD zoning into it… can’t believe how many days have passed since I turned on this machine. My apologies for late replies!


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